Episode 095: What the Backstreet Boys and #BSBDNA Taught Us About Marketing in 2019



This might surprise some of you but I actually did NOT plan on having two episodes about how the Backstreet Boys marketed their latest album release: DNA. I swear! So why are we revisiting the modern marketing strategy? Read on!

I recorded my modern marketing strategy solo episode on the matter and was satisfied with it. But then something magical happened and the powers that be (Facebook) showed me some highly targeted content (JK… I saw it because I am in a BSB related fan group).

Picture it: I’m scrolling casually through on the BSB fan groups I’m a member of on Facebook and all of a sudden I see Brianne’s post…

OMG?! Is this real life?! I emailed her immediately and we both squealed like the fangirls that we are and promptly scheduled a time to record this episode.

In this episode Brianne and I are revisiting the modern marketing strategy. We spoke about a lot of the things she covered in her original article. Then we talked about the millennium era and how the Backstreet Boys were able to tap back into that magical time in their careers. This was also a magical time for fans, so we discussed how important and brilliant it was that they approached their new release the way they did. We spoke about their grassroots marketing (mural anyone?!) their flashier marketing (hello, Super Bowl commercial), their classic marketing (That NYC morning show circuit is expected, really) and their nostalgia driven marketing (you MUST remember the magic of TRL?!)

We also spoke about their content marketing strategy and I know that if you are open to it, you’ll hear so many ways this can relate to your business as well!

Here’s that super fun Chromosomes series we mentioned  and the video for No Place that you have to love unless you have a dark, cold heart.

You can find all of Brianne’s work here at briannefleming.com it is full of pop culture marketing references so it is basically my new favorite things.

If you havent heard DNA by the Backstreet Boys yet, what are you watiing for?! You can stream it or better yet BUY IT on Apple Music and iTunes respectively.

If you loved this episode and really get into marketing like we do, and/ or if you simply want to know ore about creating effective and engaging campaigns and growing your business then you will LOVE The Council – our monthly membership experience for handmade business owners. We talk about marketing a lot but we also cover all manner of business from time management to money management and email marketing. Come over and check out the details. 

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