Episode 099: The Reason Handmade Business Owners Are Most at Risk When Things Are Going Really Well


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When handmade businesses are at risk isn’t a very fun topic so I hope this episode is more of a motivator than a bummer. Because truly, that’s what it is. And those of you who most need to hear it, hopefully you’re more likely to feel motivation than anything else!

This episode is for those of you who feel like things are going great! Sales are steady, or business is going smoothly, or you have finally ‘arrived’ where you wanted to be… generally, this episode is for you if you are feeling really satisfied with your business at present.

First, if you are that person, I want to say a huge congrats! Not only is it challenging to get your business of the ground and to a point where things are really truly working for you (business ain’t always easy!!). It’s even harder to actually recognize and fell that things are going well! We tend to be our biggest critics. So if you are feeling awesome, AWESOME! Congrats. I’m so glad you are able to recognize your success and progress.

If you aren’t there quite yet, even better! You can get the insight now and be ready for later. Because it’s going to happen for you. You WILL get to that place. Particularly if you stick around here long enough. wink

Now I want to help you keep it that way, because this is when handmade businesses are at risk. That’s what this episode is for: helping you stay UP. And the biggest hurdle to that is actually none of the things you think it is. It’s not SEO changes on Etsy or Instagram’s algorithm. It’s complacency. Complacency will kill you faster than anything else.

Tune in to hear more!

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