Episode 100: Avoid Self Sabotage This Holiday Season


One cool thing about the ridiculous amount of time it took to get season 5 of the merriweather council podcast out the door is that we are publishing episodes a bit later in the year. And that means it’s timely and relevant for me to share holiday related dialogue with you! So let’s avoid self sabotage this holiday season together.

You know that discussing the many things that are involved for handmade business owners at holiday time is one of my most favorite things. This episode will help you avoid self sabotage during the holiday season. If you’ve spent any time around here, you know that I regularly remind makers throughout the holiday season to refrain from getting too caught up in the comparison game when other makers start posting about how many orders they’ve got going out. You can actually hear that pep talk here.

Just as important as not going around the internet comparing yourself to others is being really honest with yourself about how much is realistic to YOU. This is a metric that can only come from you. Understanding your capabilities and limitations allow you to set realistic goals that won’t result in burnout.

That’s what today’s episode is about and I genuinely hope it helps many of you avoid self sabotage this holiday season. I also believe it will help you make better decisions not only for your business but for yourself this holiday season!


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