Episode 106: The Virtues of Newness



This episode is a note to new sellers – those of you who are just getting started, those of you who haven’t found your footing in the big picture yet.

While I know that you eventually want to find that footing, and shed your “newbie-ness” I also know that this time is so so valuable to you and your future!

In episode 99, I spoke about what makers who get to a steady spot are most at risk for. That episode is worth a listen no matter what stage you are at. So is this one.

But this one is specifically for those of you who are just getting started. You might be feeling “behind” or like you’ll never catch up or get where you want to be. You might feel as if there is just SO MUCH to learn and do, there is no way you will get there ever. That’s really normal! But hopefully, this episode helps you re-frame all the things you are doing, experiencing and thinking about now in these early stages of your business.

Spoiler alert: new sellers you have so many opportunities right now!! Let’s discuss the many virtues of being a “newbie” – and how you can enjoy and embrace this time better!

Thanks so much for listening today! If you enjoy this episode, share it with a friend or other new business owners!

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