Episode 109: The Actual Key to Accomplishing Your Goals



Perhaps you are spending a lot of time at home right now – more than normal. I hope so, anyway. That’s the reality most of us are facing right now. This gives you more time to focusing on accomplishing your goals. 

It’s not ALL terrible but it’s definitely a bit weird.

And how weird is it that toilet paper, flour and puzzles, of all the things, have reached new levels of popularity??

Literally no one saw that coming.

Let’s chat about puzzles.

Puzzles have been getting a lot of action these days!

There are your average jigsaw puzzles with crazy imagery on them, 500 or more pieces, and those are enough of a challenge. But what about these next level puzzles? Have you see them? They are all one solid color.

Those are obviously more challenging than your average jigsaw. In your average puzzle you have pieces that you match up visually and therefore, you have a clear indication of which pieces belong where. It is easy to know which pieces go in the blank spots that develop as you progress.

When you are working through a puzzle with no image on it, that is MUCH harder.

So imagine that scenario: a puzzle with no image on it – nothing to guide you and then on top of that, it comes with a hundred extra pieces that you do not need in order to fill in all the blanks.

Imagine how hard that would be!!

Your business is basically that puzzle.

If you are reading this post it is likely that you have been in business at least a little while, and you have some pieces of your business in place that work well together and that you feel good about but you’ve still got a lot of blanks to fill in. Filling in these blanks are the key to accomplishing your goals.

However, you have SO many options for what to fill those blanks in with. Because your puzzle came with a hundred extra pieces that you don’t need. You only need some of them, not all.

You do not know the difference between the ones you need and the ones you don’t though.

This puzzle represents your big picture strategy and without it you are ALWAYS OVERWHELMED with options and things to do and try.

Right now, you have a giant pile of puzzle pieces and you are super overwhelmed because you don’t have a clear picture for what to implement to complete the puzzle.

You can see all these potential options for how to fill in the blanks in your business – all those extra pieces represent things you have seen other people do that worked well – you could start a blog, you could start a Youtube channel, you could go live on instagram four nights a week, you could open a Facebook group, you could create a new product, you could retire a product… all of these options are available to you.

However, without that image on the puzzle, you really don’t know what exactly to fill the blanks in with.

This is why you need a big picture strategy.

When you face your business day to day without a big picture strategy for accomplishing your goal – you are literally always shuffling through random puzzle pieces trying to fill in the blanks.

You keep picking up bits of internet crumbs so you are getting stuck because it’s really disheartening to try so many things and have none of them work for you.

First they don’t work because you don’t have proper training on every single thing and second, because you are totally overwhelmed with options and trying lots of things.

The problem is that without that big picture strategy you have lots of options and no clue what a good choice is – so you cannot possibly be spending your time WELL or making good decisions. You’re just doing individual things that may or may not work.

This is not strategic or proactive, it’s just busy work without that BPS. Eventually you’ll have tried so many things and researched so many things that you’ll have a lot of knowledge and NO power.

You need a BPS in order to know what things are worth your time. Until you know that, no dice.

This big picture strategy is quite literally THE thing that stands between you and accomplishing your goals. It is the difference between knowing what pieces match up and make sense to create a cohesive unit and image and which ones just complete the puzzle by filling in space.

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