Etsy Friend Feature: Meet Withaflourish


Last week I blogged to you about Cristi of Hiyapapaya on Etsy. This week I’d like to introduce you to another of my Etsy friends, April of Withaflourish.  
Based out of Tennessee, April brings work that is full of color, style and originality to the rest of the world (Bonus! She ships internationally!) I can tell that April puts a lot of heart into her pieces – they all come in hand folded origami boxes! I can barely fold laundry and she is crafting these precious boxes for each of her jewelry sales! What goes in this wonderful origami box you might be asking? Let me show you!
April makes beautiful jewelry pieces out of ephemera: 
Ephemera refers to paper that is intended to be only temporarily important then discarded. Examples would be brochures, junk mail, pamphlets, etc. However, instead of discarding the paper, I turn it into beautiful paper beads! Not only does this make the earrings an interesting conversation piece, but eco friendly as well.” – from product description.
What a fabulous idea and approach! We’ve all seen lots of “green” and “eco friendly” works, but these are true gems. Finding something beautiful to give as a gift will not be difficult to find in April’s shop. Of course you are allowed to treat yourself as well! (I plan to someday hopefully soon! One of the lucky ladies in my family might be getting something special for Christmas!)
Summer Rose
Did I make it clear that she is making these paper beads? You can be impressed all you want, I know I am.
Music To My Ears

Don’t let me lead you to believe that amazing, handcrafted paper beads and jewelry are the only thing to be found at With a Flourish…

Flourish Flower Pin
I won’t ruin anymore of the surprises! You’ll have to go check it out yourself.
April’s eye for what is wonderful and noteworthy shows outside of her own shop as well and in her treasuries! April curates gorgeous treasuries featuring the work of other Etsy sellers pretty frequently.  Seven of these have made it to the Front Page of Etsy! That’s crazy! (Congrats, April!) One of these Front Pagers included a piece from my shop, and that was my first time on the front page and so I am forever in her debt! (Thanks, April!) She’s constantly being featured in treasuries as well, she’s certainly made an appearance in a few of mine!
Here’s a sample of what April can do with 16 blank boxes:
Indie Autumn by Withaflourish
So you are gunna go visit April now right? In her Etsy store? The one I’ve been gushing about? Right! 
Maybe I’ll make this a Wednesday tradition!


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