Finally, a Solution for Easily Tracking Business Expenses


On the eve of the New Year… well, not the actual exact eve, but, the cusp of the new year… I sat down for about an hour and scoured the App store for an application that would help me keep track of money spending and income and such things. This is one thing I really wanted to make sure I improved on in 2012 – book keeping, that is.

And finally, like a beacon of light in the darkness, I found it. I found the most perfect application known to mankind. ExpenseTracker  – Spending.

So I made a silent promise to myself to really keep up with updating it and I spent the meager $2.99 to download it to my iPhone.

And let the greatness begin!

All I have to do is “add income” or “add expense” every time I either make or spend money and categorize it (you can personalize the categories, by the way) and the app does the rest.


I added “etsy” as a category and “sale” as a sub category, so any time I make a sale on etsy, I plug it in and done!

Every time I ship something, I plug in the postage cost as “expense” – “shipping” – “label”

Every time I buy supplies… “expense” – “supplies” – (select from list of personalized sub categories)

You can also plug in “vendor” to keep track of where you spend money (Blick, Staples, Etc…)

You can view your history chart style (great for us visual learners) and see how it’s all going. This has truly made me more aware of and dare I say, more accountable for, what I am spending. And that is EXACTLY what I wanted.

Oh and this is my favorite part…

Who doesn’t love pie?!

You can also export all the data to use and see it on your computer. It really is awesome and I really suggest you check it out. it’s so easy to use and can be customized which is perfect.  I think this is also an excellent way to woo your accountant come tax time, yeah?

This is going on my list of things to suggest to people when they ask me for advice. If you have any other awesome business related apps you think are great, please share them!


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