Hacks to Skyrocket Your Sales – What I Haven’t Told You (and Why) – Episode 139



Today, I want to explain myself.

I want to tell you why I’ve been holding out on you. We have shared a lot of information with you since 2015, when we started focusing on the education side of the business. I’ve shared A LOT. Over 120 podcast episodes, countless Instagram posts, videos, and other pieces of content… I’ve shared a lot!

There is one thing I haven’t shared, though.

I haven’t told you the four hacks to skyrocket your sales… because they don’t exist. I cannot tell you about them because, well, there aren’t any.

Any such tips masquerading as such are just that: a masquerade.

There is no such thing as ‘4 hacks to skyrocket your sales.’

There are best practices and strategies that will help you grow and establish a business that performs well long term. There are definitely things that might increase sales… but to say that there are “HACKS” or must do things that will create massive results… no. There is absolutely no such thing as a hack or set of hacks that will skyrocket your sales.

Of course, all of these imply that this will create some magic in your shop that immediately generates insane results upon implementation. It won’t. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. There is no getting rich quick, there is only getting great over time.

So that’s why you haven’t heard about them from me.

I know that it is very tempting to create posts or podcasts like this. It’s so EASY to say that any random four best practices will supercharge, turbo boost, sly rocket, or other inflated claims regarding your sales. It is easy to come up with a grabby, punchy title like that. It’s also really irresponsible.

It looks good on Pinterest, it probably gets the clicks, but it’s bullshit.

Proposing such a thing to get you to click a link is basing a future relationship with you on a lie. Or, at the very least, a false hope. They are using a lie to lure you in. Who wants to be in a relationship that starts with a lie?

Worse almost than that: They’ve set you up for failure from the beginning.

It’s not honest, and it’s not fair.

Even if there were four hacks to skyrocket your sales, what good is that if your business isn’t set up in infrastructure to support that and use it to grow? Something like that could tank you if you’re not careful.

There is so much about these over the moon promises that I hate.

They give false hope; they set you up to believe something that isn’t possible or real, they make you feel like it’s YOUR fault when they don’t work or like there is something wrong with you.

The truth is stuff like that, over the moon, outrageous claims like that have a greater chance of NOT working than they do of being successful.

Is it possible that hidden in those tips and tricks and hacks, there are some valuable pieces of advice? Sure. But These claims are doing more harm than good.

It’s not all about sales

We always say this, but it’s not all about sales. You didn’t wake up today to wait on your next $45 sale. You didn’t start your business only to work toward a sales goal – honestly, you didn’t. You could probably have any job you wanted, you chose this one for a reason, and it’s not just to make some arbitrary number of sales.

That’s part of it, of course. Making sales is part of having a business. So is sustained growth.

If we focus only on MORE sales and making MORE money, we close ourselves off to the other important metrics and values, and virtues of a business. I’d definitely encourage you to listen to our episode titled “what you work FOR” if you’re interested in hearing more about this. You only need as many sales as it takes to reach your goals – and your goals are more significant than sales numbers. Check that episode out.

So, in conclusion, there are best practices and strategies for building and growing your business, but there are no get rich quick schemes, no hacks to skyrocket your sales…

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