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It could be because I was born and raised on Long Island that I have a particular affinity for all the Billy Joel classics. It’s either that or the fact that he’s obviously an incredibly talented performer. In any event, I’ve found him to be a reliable source of inspiration when it comes to being creative and entrepreneurial.

Have you ever considered that most performers are also entrepreneurs? Kind of awesome. We spoke about that on this episode of the podcast, which was focused on the Jonas Brothers documentary. You should watch that if you haven’t yet!

Hidden in his songs, which I’ve listened to at length on many a car trip, I discovered a couple of small business inspirations. Not sure if that’s what he was after but, here we are. You know I pick up handmade business ideas in all sorts of pop cultural places like attracting ideal customers from Stars Hollow and marketing lessons on tour with Taylor Swift.

It can’t just be about material things, even if they are really nice material things.

Turning Billy Joel’s Music into Handmade Business Ideas and Inspiration

From “Movin’ Out”


A house in Hackensack (your classic American suburb as far as I can tell) sounds lovely, but is that ALL it’s about? Working to provide for your family is obviously hugely important, but your work can be meaningful and joyful, and inspiring, too! Don’t focus so much on the material wealth that you forget the bigger picture. Many good things can come from you sharing your work with the world, many of which are intangible. We have an episode about that, too, actually!

You are going to have to get flexible.

From “A Matter of Trust”


Billy is so right on this. Too much hesitation, trepidation or intimidation (all different types of resistance) will keep you playing small!

In business, we often have to get uncomfortable (or experience different types of discomfort), and we have to be willing to try new things daily. Be ready to try new things even if they don’t immediately appeal to you, be ready to change your plans to suit your vision, challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Trust yourself to be the CEO! You have things to do, and you can’t afford to let resistance slow you down.

Hear more about overcoming obstacles on this episode of The Merriweather Council podcast. And this one about being the CEO! I think Billy will agree with me that the person you need to trust the most is yourself.

Just do the damn thing.

From “Don’t Ask Me Why”


Send your email, post your post, go live, launch your product. Overthinking it never helps. You might be fixating on perfection, or you might be feeling like you aren’t ready to be visible. Either way, let go of the pressure and let some of these things be fun. Marketing your business especially, should be fun!

I hope you have found inspiration and reminders here like I did! Here’s my favorite Billy Joel song to send you off.

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