Holiday Season Motivation for Makers

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A Message All Makers Need to Hear Ahead of the Holiday Season | The Merriweather Council Blog

Holiday Season Motivation for Makers

Dear maker,

This time of year it can totally feel like everyone else is having success after success and I know 100000% how much it totally blows to feel like you’re the only one not doing well.

If you feel like seemingly everyone else is killing it this weekend – like everyone else has stacks of packages to ship out, orders out their ears, and everything is going just swell for everyone but you – please know that EVERYONE is on their own track. Everyone has to stay in their lane at their pace and experience their own ups and downs whenever they come. And TRUST ME everyone has downs and ups. Everyone.

Stay your course and don’t get discouraged comparing yourself to everyone else who SEEMS to be killing it. We all have different goals, different products, different resources, different amounts of time… No one is perfect and no one is failing. Unless you give up completely you’re doing well.

Focus on yourself and bettering the parts of your biz that need it and trust the process- it’s all possible but we will all arrive at “success” at different times in different ways.

Happy holidays + thank you for being here,


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