How Apples to Apples Can Help Your Etsy Shop

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Apples to Apples is this amazingly fun game that basically involves pairing up nouns with adjectives. It’s not a “learning game” but it does include lots of facts and definitions. It’s amazing, and if you haven’t played it, you haven’t truly partied. (Yup, I said it.)


The game includes mostly noun cards – there are proper nouns and plain ol’ regular nouns. And those plain ol’ regular nouns are the ones you want to focus on for the sake of this article.

I just pulled out a few cards from my deck – the 1960s, summer camp, rock concert, cactus, school bus, cheesecake, the ocean…

Summer camp… just think about that for a second – in the movies, (Of course I never went to summer camp because I was afraid of literally everything so I don’t know first hand…) summer camp is this magical place where you hang out with your friends all day and swim in the lake and have more fun than you do the rest of the year. The idea of summer camp brings about that campy, plaid, lantern, log cabin kinda feel.

Root beer floats … summer in a cup, right? Sweet delicious bubbly goodness, and ice cream and soda and yumm and om nom nom…

A haunted house… spooky, creepy, witches, halloween, crisp fall air… october, foliage…

These words generate imagery, nostalgia and emotion… don’t they?

You know what that equals? Inspiration!

and maybe possibly they will make you want to eat, which, if you ask me, is fine too.

Adjectives aka “characteristics”

In the game of Apples to Apples, like I said, you pair nouns with adjectives. The idea is that the group flips over one of the adjective cards and then everyone whose turn it isn’t puts down a noun card from their pile that they think best fits the adjective. (None of this is truly important for the sake of this post, but that’s how you play the game.)

So the game box is full of adjective cards aka “characteristic” cards…

Charming, bold, soft luxurious, bright, casual, fancy, spunky, glitzy, earthy, primitive, puffy, playful, aged, calm…

What do these words look like? Tags! They look like the words you want to use to describe your products in your tags. And if they don’t fit the bill for tags, they can certainly find a place in your product descriptions.

Basically, Apples to Apples is a box full of words and as we all know, words help sell products and it’s not always easy to write descriptive, alluring product listings.

If you currently own the game you should pull it out and browse even just a small pile of the green cards and a small pile of the red cards and I pretty much guarantee you feel at least a tiny tingle of inspiration to create something new, or find a word that describes your work that you haven’t thought to use yet.

Will you try it out?


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  1. omg i totally LUUURVE apples to apples. what a great way to use it!

    My friend and i are the only ones who like to play it and you can't play with 2 people, so we just stick a green card on our foreheads and play 20 questions, but it's really infinity questions because we ask until we guess. Creatively, we named the variation, Guess.

  2. My cousin brought Apples to Apples over once…and for an hour we didn't know why he thought it was so fun! Ha! I like your version though. :)

  3. This is brilliant! What a great idea using my favorite game

  4. Love this! i retweeted it :)
    Its so cool that you are only 22 and have your own business, I am 19 and trying to get mine going its a lot of work but I'm getting there!

  5. Being Danish, I didn't know that game – but I see what you mean and love the idea. It's all about creating new paths for our creative thinking.. : )
    Very inspiring!

  6. Totally cute idea! You've sold me on this game. Now I have to find one. ^___^

    – Michele

  7. I really love this idea for finding some inspiration! I've never actually played, but have have heard only good things :)

  8. Saw your post on FB – absolutly LOVE apples to apples! What a great idea – trying this with my new listings!

  9. Ok…now I totally want this game! And you inspired me to change my titles on some of my spoons! Such a great post, and a fabulous idea:)!

  10. Love it! This is one of my favorite games – I'm totally trying this.

  11. Brilliant! Love this game and now I'm going to love my new way to play ;) Thanks for sharing this merri tidbit!

  12. I definitely think I will! I don't have the game at home, though. It's back at my apartment…

  13. I've never played the game, but I know someone who has it… may have to pop into their place for a bit of a visit and ask really nicely to borrow it :)

  14. This was completely brilliant! I am going to pull out my Apples to Apples right now. I struggled a LOT with tags, I am so excited to try this.

    Also, on a personal note, we love, love, LOVE this game. It's the best game for including everyone in the family and I have also had major fun playing with an "all grown ups" group while having margaritas.

  15. Apples to Apples is a drinking game where absurdity wins! Your suggestion is brilliant though. I'll keep it in mind.

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