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how branding can delight your customers | the merriweather council blogI’m so excited to be hosting this guest post by the wonderful and brilliant Susannah of Garnishing Co! She’s going to give you some wicked awesome tips on how you can use branding to delight your customers!

Each time you mail a handmade product to a client, you have an opportunity to make an impression. (Hint: You want them to feel like it’s their birthday even when it’s not!) People really love surprises and free stuff. I mean, don’t you? When you include a little something extra in every order, you increase the chances of getting a repeat customer. Essentially, going the extra mile will your will send your customers over the moon.

I have a few ideas to help you keep your branding consistent and make your customers squeal with delight when they open their parcels.

Pretty Packaging

The easiest way to show off your shop’s brand is to make sure your packaging materials reflect your branding. Print stickers with your logo on them, or use a custom rubber stamp of your logo on your boxes. Buy materials such as washi tape, ribbons and tissue paper in your brand colors. Make sure they match your aesthetic, too. Is your brand more vintage and rustic? Use twine or raffia and natural-colored boxes. Is your brand more modern and preppy? Opt for shiny ribbons, washi tape and white or black boxes.

Printed Pieces

Tucking business cards into your packages is a super simple way to leave an impression. Order a bunch online from a site like and include one or two with every order. (Two cards means the customer can can keep one for herself and share the other with a friend.) Make sure your card has your logo, shop URL and your social media information so people can find you.

Postcards are a nice touch, too. Because they are bigger than business cards, you can have more text and photos of your work on a postcard. You could even include a coupon code for a second order or information on your custom work.

Nice Notes

A handwritten note goes a long way. Write it on a piece of cardstock in one of your brand colors. You could also print (in advance) a bunch of notecards with your logo and website on them. A quick note — such as “Thanks so much for your purchase, Anna! I hope you enjoy your custom purse! I really enjoyed making it for you.” — won’t take you much time.

If you’re in a hurry (and hopefully you will be during the holidays!) you can print off a more generic thank you note ahead of time, though it won’t feel as personal as a handwritten note.

Gratuitous Goodies

I’ll always remember the time I purchased stationery from a favorite Etsy shop. They included a few extra cards and a note of thanks because I was a repeat buyer. Um, how awesome right? It totally made an impression on me and I have since bought from them twice more. Tuck in a little something extra for special or repeat customers — or even every customer! Maybe it’s a free product or discontinued item, like a spare fat-quarter or an extra note card. Or maybe it’s something you don’t even sell, like a set of gift tags with your illustrations on them.

Digital Downloads

Direct your customers back to your website by offering them an exclusive. Set up a secret page on your website with something only for them. It could be a video or photo gallery explaining how to wear their new scarf, a set of desktop backgrounds or a PDF with instructions on how to use, display or care for their new item. Make sure to include a form or a link to your newsletter sign-up page, too!

But, of course this stuff isn’t free to you! Don’t forget to budget for the cost of any little extras, and include it in your prices! The extra mile will pay off every time you get a repeat customer.

But, of course this stuff isn’t free to you! Don’t forget to budget for the cost of any of the little extras you tuck into your packages, and include it in your cost!

How do you package your items and delight your customers?

susannah-brinkley-800px-sqSusannah Brinkley is the professional graphic designer and branding coach behind Garnishing Co. She loves to help bloggers and creative entrepreneurs establish and develop their brands. She passionately shows bloggers and business owners how to make the most of print and web design. Join her mailing list for her font pairing ebook and access to her resource library!


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