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How Often to List an Item on Etsy | The Merriweather Council

If you sell on Etsy, you already know there are so many wild suggestions for how to achieve wild things.

One of my favorite totally outrageous suggestions to Etsy sellers is to list new items daily or weekly to ‘skyrocket’ your sales.

You Do Not Need to List an Item on Etsy Daily, Weekly or Monthly

“New items daily” is a phrase that gives me a rash of anxiety. You do NOT need to post new listings to Etsy daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Not only is this unsustainable (it’s SO HARD to do anything every single day outside of the bare essentials of living) it also doesn’t align very well with what most people want from their business. Of course, we all want to make sales, but if it was JUST about making money, there are easier and more reliable ways to do that. You chose to start YOUR business for a reason. That reason probably had more to it than ‘make as many sales as possible.’

Maybe you do have a shop and product line that could conceivably produce a new item every single day or week. Maybe you could ”list a new item every day for a year” and “skyrocket your sales.”

Are you happy with the quality of the pieces you listed? 

Are you happy with the lifestyle associated with that process?

Is that the kind of business you actually want to be running? 

If your product doesn’t lend itself to this posting schedule, you might hear advice like this and start thinking you need to change your product. You don’t. Did you start a business to “skyrocket sales” on a product you didn’t originally want to sell?

If it was realistic for you to produce a new item each week, you probably would have been doing it already. If the suggestion to post daily or weekly has you stressed, there is a reason for that. It’s unrealistic and it’s unsustainable for most businesses.

Success Doesn’t Come From Constantly Adding New Product to Etsy

The idea that listing new items constantly is a key to success is problematic. If your definition of success is having 200-300 different products in your shop, then, by all means, go for it! It doesn’t have to happen in a year. There are LOTS of successful shops that do not list new items daily, weekly, or even monthly. 

If your definition of success or the reason you started your business in the first place, is to produce and sell the work you love to make or have more flexibility in your life, then posting weekly or daily probably doesn’t play a big role in that. If it was just about making money you would probably have a different job.

Run the business you actually want to run, not the one you were convinced you should want to have.

If your work is such that you can only list “new items” every three weeks or every three months, that’s fine. You should be posting and selling work you are proud of and enjoy making, not work that is easy enough to make in a day that you think will generate results for you.

And even if you could list a great new item every day, that’s NOT going to be a guarantee of sales at any measure. A successful business is more than just making sales, and making sales is more than just cranking out products.

While it is true that the more listings you have, the better your chances of discovery on Etsy are, who cares about discovery that leads to sales that helps you build a business you aren’t happy with? Who cares about making more sales on a product you aren’t proud of? It’s always better to maximize the potential of what you DO have and what you CAN do. (We can teach you exactly how to leverage and maximize your Etsy listings! You do not need to produce new work constantly, play silly games, create digital products you aren’t interested in or spend on ads to be successful with our system.)

It’s better to have 10 listings that are well optimized than hundreds of listings for products you don’t really care about, threw together just to bulk your shop, and turned around so fast and often that you didn’t even have a proper chance to optimize them. Maximize what you already do and continue perfecting the work you actually want to make! We can teach you how to do exactly that in our Training Course for Etsy Sellers!

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