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I’ve seen a lot of folks asking about how to add pins from instagram out and about in the internet land so I figured why not go on an answer it for them. So here it is: how to add pins to Pinterest from your Instagram feed.

How to Pin your Instagram Images from Danielle Spurge on Vimeo.

You might be wondering ‘why would you want to do this’? Here are some reasons:

1. Because, why not?

You already created content, why not use it up and get more pull from it? You know I am all about leveraging what you create, so that’s my theory. And direct people to your Instagram profile while you’re at it.

2. Because it’s your image, you can change the link

NEVER EVER NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT EVER use someone else’s image (from IG or elsewhere) and link it to your own content. Okay, good, that’s out of the way. However, if you have a great image on Instagram, you can pin it as such from my tutorial but then go in and change the link to link to a page on your website or blog if it’s applicable. Hey why not, right? It’s all yours, do what you want with it. Again, only do this if it’s YOUR image.

3. Squares look nice on Pinterest

Long rectangles are best on Pinterest, but squares are probably next best (better than horizontal rectangles) so they could perform well on Pinterest. (Squares are a very pleasing shape. My high school art teacher was always advising against ever using squares … but I did use them a lot mainly to piss hime off. He was wrong about a lot of stuff though.)

4. Because it’s super easy.

Seriously. So simple.

Watch the video here natively on Vimeo.



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