How to Avoid Information Overload + Education Paralyzation by Creating Your Own Class Schedule

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How to Avoid Information Overload + Education Paralyzation by Creating Your Own Class Schedule | The Merriweather Council Blog

Allow me to cut to the chase: we are INUNDATED with information. You go on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook… links, blog posts, videos galore, right? Information is everywhere and it’s so it can be hard to avoid information overload.

This information is coming from all different sources, of course, and sometimes even straight up conflicts. It’s a lot, you guys. How do your make your way through all of this??

Well, that’s the thing: you usually don’t. One of two things happens: you either ready too much, and absorb too many different tips, tricks and tidbits that you become so overwhelmed you do nothing, OR you collect links like they are going out of style and your Pinterest, Pocket, bookmarks are exploding with links that you don’t and never will have time to read. Thereby, also, essentially doing nothing with the information.

Here are 4 steps to avoiding this overwhelm + education paralyzation.

Pick your core group of go-to places, people and blogs

You know those blogs you love? The people who write posts that you are like, “THAT IS BRILLIANT”? Yeah, those people are you core go-to group for all things! These are the people who give you support and info on either a very specific thing or a variety of things – doesn’t matter, what matters here is that the way they communicate resonates with you and you are able to process and understand what they say. Bonus if it’s enjoyable, humorous, pretty or has the backstreet boys somehow involved. (Just me?)

This is like choosing a college. This is a collection of places you go to and within that realm you’ll have what you need most of the time.

Pick some subject matter specific people

Just like in college, there were different specialties within your major that you needed to learn. Same with your business! There are a variety of subject areas you will find you need guidance in, for example, you might need help with Etsy, money management, time management, blogging, and social media. Pick one key person you trust in each area. This should be someone who has done or is doing what you want tone doing – someone who walks to walk and has resources available to help you learn what they know. (Like, if you need help being a superstar, and you want to learn from Taylor Swift, that’s not going to work because she isn’t providing resources on how to be a superstar.)

Pick up some supplementary people

Again, just like in college, you would sometimes go to a special seminar or event or have a guest speaker to bring in another portion of information or different perspective on a subject, right? Same for your business! You have your key go to person, but you might need some extra help now and then on a more niche area of that subject, or just want t fresh perspective on a particular thing. Example: you are selling on Etsy, and you have your go-to Etsy know it all person (maybe it’s me?!) but now you want to play around with offering sewing patterns specifically, and that’s not something I know about, so you go over to someone who does to round out your knowledge on that particular thing.

Be decisive

We all love Pinterest of course. But it can be totally useless to just collect links and never look at them to learn anything. Pinterest can be useful, but only if you are bookmarking with intention. If you read an article and it doesn’t really resonate with you, or it’s full of repetitive info that you are already familiar with, don’t save it! Don’t save it, don’t dave it don’t save it. Further, give a cursory look over things before pinning or bookmarking them, don’t save simply based on headlines. If you just save everything without any sort of investigation into it at first, you will end up with zillions of bookmarks, no time to read them, total overwhelm and, of course, paralyzation. Read it or don’t read it. Don’t hoard it and save it forever and never look at any of your bookmarks. Oh and this applies to email newsletters too.

Basically you want to make your information stream curated and smaller so that it doesn’t get overwhelming!

So create your college, pick your major, find your teachers and supplement when needed. Don’t get sucked into the vortex of education overload.

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