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In keeping with my whole “if you’re going to use it, may as well make the most of it” theory regarding Etsy, I wanted to share this tidbit with you today.

When was the last time you got an email that didn’t have a signature attached to it? Emails from elderly family members don’t count.

People use email signatures for a few reasons:

1. it’s a passive, unintrusive way to give people your pertinent info without having to come up with a lead in to giving it to them. Everything is just tacked on to the end of your existing communication. No awkward “should I?” like there is with giving a business card.

2. It’s automatic. You don’t have to think about it. Now you know: they have the info. Done. Good.

3. It makes your email look pro-tastic. Or it at least indicates that you know what’s up and take yourself seriously. So side note: if you don’t have an email signature set up, do it.

I wanted to share with you this super easy way to manage a signature on your Etsy convos. There are pros and cons to this – pro- you can decide when it goes on your messages and when it doesn’t, cons: you have to remember to do it since it isn’t automatic but let’s loop on back to pros for a second: it’s super duper easy to do, so when you do want to do it, it’s 2 clicks.

Watch my wee video:

How to create a custom signature for etsy convos from Danielle Spurge on Vimeo.

EDIT: you no longer need to add this prototype as it is a standard feature on Etsy now. HOWEVER you might still want to explore the other prototypes as they change fairly often!

This prototype has many applications.

I use it around holiday time to let international folks know (again) their orders might not arrive by Christmas and to please let me know if they would prefer to cancel.

My other most favorite application is using it to quickly message people regarding missing order details! With custom work, I encounter that a lot.

Any other ideas on how to use this prototype? What are your other favorite prototypes?


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