How to Edit Common Issues Out of Product Photos Using Pixelmator

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Pixelmator is an app I’ve been using for about 4 years. I had been using Photoshop through high school and college but when I upgraded my computer after graduating, my version of photoshop no longer worked on the new operating system. This was before subscription based Adobe products.

I discovered Pixelmator and never looked back. I literally use Pixelmator for everything I used Photoshop for. It’s a brilliant alternative that I highly recommend and it costs about $30 in the App Store.

I put this little tutorial together to show you how to brighten, color adjust and otherwise level out the lights and darks in your photos. In many cases, those changes alone can drastically improve the quality of a photo whether it is of an item for sale or not. You can apply these tactics to any photo.

You know i’m all about the ease. (’bout the ease, no struggle.) This is SIMPLE. It’s easy. You can do it and it’s quick too which is of course, wonderful. Most of you probably don’t want to spend a great deal of time editing photos – you’d rather spend that time doing your creative/ maker work! (For some, editing is fun. That’s good, too. Rock on.)

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how to edit common issues out of product photos using pixelmator from Danielle Spurge on Vimeo.

Super easy + quick, right?

But what if you don’t want to buy Pixelmator? Or you are on the go more than you are at your computer? Okay, fair enough, I get that.

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This tutorial is a video screencast of my PHONE so you can see exactly the steps I take to edit photos on the go! I show you basics in 2 apps (1 free, 1 cheap) and a bonus super quicky graphic technique I use a lot via another free app. My tutorial shows: 2 photos edited, 1 graphic made, for $2 spent…  These are great foundations for mobile editing + graphic making.

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