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You guys, I cracked the code of instagram.  I have reached Instagram Secret nirvana.

Okay, not really, but I did discover something about IG that I haven’t seen anyone mention.

A few days ago, I was searching for one of my own accounts from another of my accounts (I have a lot of accounts, don’t ask) and I was getting super annoyed that I couldn’t find myself as easily as I could find all the other Danielle folks.

Then I realized, like, duh, it’s a search algorithm thing. All the other Danielles had something I didn’t – their name tag line said “Danielle.”

So I tested it with a variety of random words, and yup, same thing happened. Take a look….


If you want to show up in an IG search for a specific word, put it here. This “name tag” area shows under your username in search results as well as on your profile.

Seriously, is this like the SEO of Instagram? Look at how these accounts pull up for a search of any random word…



First it shows me accounts I am following with that word in the name tag area (title? I don’t know what it’s official name is) then it shows me accounts that I am not following but that do have the searched word in that area. In both of the above images, I am not following the last 3-4 accounts it pulled for results – all of those bottom results have the searched word in the name tag area.

This is why I wasn’t showing up when I searched myself. Crazy right?

Test it out for yourself.

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