Inventory Tracking: A Extremely High Tech Approach*

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*indicates sarcasm

I want to thank Erin for encouraging me to share this with you, so, Thanks Erin!!

This is how I keep track of my inventory! I must warn you, it’s extremely high tech, expensive, complicated and completely unattainable. *

Firstly, I have two folders on my desktop: Inventory and Products…

And yes, that is the Backstreet Boys on my desktop, isn’t Nick such a cutie?!
Inside of my Inventory folder I have one image of each product. I give all my products a number once they are photographed. This number is the title of each image.
Of course, I keep this folder arranged by “name” so they are shown in order. When an item sells, I go to this folder and change it’s color to green. Green for go! I’m not sure if this is possible on a PC as I haven’t used once since 1997 but I’m sure that in that time they have developed something similar.
Inside of my Products folder, I have other folders for each type of product I sell…
And then inside each of those folders I have one image of each item and then a folder with the item’s corresponding number for the rest of the images of that item.
That’s all folks… simple simple. I’m a big fan of anything that is simple! Also I am completely paranoid about my product organizations.
How do you keep track of inventory?


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