The Surprising Top 3 Keys to Etsy Success

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Resiliency, believing in the unique power of Etsy, and not falling for silly Etsy rumors are the 3 keys to success on Etsy.


There is one trait I have found many Etsy sellers do not seem to posses when it comes to Etsy and that is RESILIENCY.

Resiliency is one of the keys to success on Etsy. I want to take some time to discuss that here!

We have two different things that we want to consider in terms of resiliency when it comes to Etsy.

The first one is resiliency ON Etsy: dealing with whatever Etsy changes or updates, which always gets people into a flaming tailspin for some reason.

Then: resiliency ABOUT Etsy: your relationship with Etsy, your shop’s relationship with Etsy, and your personal feelings towards it.

The actual dictionary definition of resiliency is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties” or, basically: being tough. Your ability to be flexible and get on board with whatever changes come at you.

Every time Etsy changes something and people get annoyed, we want you to be resilient so that these changes do not bother you quite so much and so they certainly don’t worry you!

We want you to be able to withstand changes to Etsy’s platform and continue to operate your shop undisturbed or at least with as little interference as possible.

We also want you to be better able to identify what changes are actually worth your attention and which are no big deal.

We also want you to be resilient in your relationship with and to Etsy. It would really suck to spend several years on Etsy and then something happens (whatever the case may be) and the relationship is severed. And then all of that time that you’ve spent building up your presence on Etsy is out the window if you weren’t structured to be resilient and you weren’t prepping for change all along.

This being such a powerful tool, you want to make sure you’re using it and leveraging that power of Etsy every single day that you are on the platform. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Do not list one more item in your Etsy shop without knowing how to get resilient. Not sure how? Read on!

Resiliency ON and ABOUT Etsy

You all know how this plays out: Etsy does something, everyone freaks out and gets upset, and then there’s this period of time where everyone is groaning about it and complaining. Then eventually, everyone falls in line and everything is okay. But imagine if we could just SKIP the drama?

What I want for you guys is to feel secure and be resilient to any changes be they small or large. Whatever changes are happening, I want you guys to feel like ‘no big deal’ and just have the tools to move forward.

That’s what I want for everybody here because that makes me happy, that makes you happy, that makes the whole community happy.

And I believe that when several thousand people in a community can get on board with resiliency and feeling more positive, that would have a really positive impact on the entire community. So if the 7,000 of you here can get on board with resiliency and positivity, that could have an impact across the platform, right? So that’s what I want: for everybody to not freak out every time Etsy updates something especially when it’s very minor.

How to Become Resilient

The best way to become resilient and to build up resiliency is to understand that we’re never going to know what’s coming next. But no matter what happens, the more on board you are with what’s current, the easier it will be to adapt and overcome and feel resilient and confident moving forward.

Think of it this way: every now and then you get a little alert on your phone or computer telling you there’s a new software upgrade for your operating system. And it’s always best to go update in order! So it’s easier to go from version 1.9 to 2.0 than it is to go from 1.6 to 2.0. Because if you’re not at 1.9 yet, your system is going to have to gap a much bigger space.

Same thing for you as a human. If you’re at 1.9, when something upgrades to 2.0, you’re right there! You’re ready! You are as close to the new version as you could have been! You will have a much smaller gap to bridge, or no gap at all.

So if you’re still back there at 1.6, you have to get to 1.7, then to 1.8, then you gotta get to 1.9, and then you can move on. It is a lot harder to make that jump if you’re further back.

Get on board with what’s current

The best thing to do is to get on board with what’s current! Always stay current so that you can move forward whenever there’s a change, and there will be a change. Again, we don’t know what it is, but there will always be things changing everywhere. Every platform you use, there will be changes. But as soon as they change, the more adaptable you are, the better, and that adaptability will come from getting current.

Understanding what’s currently right and wrong and favorable will help you move into that new phase without anxiety.

If you’re not current, you need to get current. If you don’t think you’re current, you’re probably not.

Currency equates with resiliency, and resiliency means that you can do better work faster and for longer into the future and that frees up time and space. You don’t have to worry, there’ll be less anxiety. All of this comes together in the form of you running a more stable and sane business no matter where that business is.

For me, resiliency is one of the top three keys to success on Etsy.

Believe in the Unique Power of Etsy

In no particular order, the second key to Etsy success is believing in the unique power of Etsy. Etsy is the best marketplace available to handmade business owners right now, and it has been the reigning king for quite some time. There is so much power in the Etsy platform that sellers can use to benefit their individual shops, and the sooner you know about that, the better! You can read more about the unique power of Etsy here.

Don’t Fall for Silly Etsy Rumors

And finally, the third key to success on Etsy (again, not in any particular order) is not falling for silly Etsy rumors that fly around the internet. I’ve cleared up some of the more pervasive and enduring (ridiculous, yet, enduring!) Etsy myths known to ye old internet here! I would love to have you watch this video and get these myths cleared up for yourself. These are myths that many sellers have believed to be fact, and that has slowed them down significantly or scared them off enough to stop them entirely. I don’t want that for you! Click here to watch me bust some very popular Etsy rumors!

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