How to End the Struggle to Make Progress and Achieve Your Small Business Goals | Episode 156



Do you ever feel like you know how to do a lot of things and how much knowledge you have from your years of random online learning and freebie gathering and yet… still struggle with your small business goals?

I’ve been there!! (I do not feel nostalgic for it, but because I learned some vital lessons, I will revisit those wayward years today for the greater good!)

On this episode, I am diving into why that happens. I’ll be answering the age-old (just me?) question: Why do we struggle to achieve our goals, and what do we really need to reach those goals a little bit easier?

setting the right business goals

Accomplishing the goal that you have where your business is like doing a puzzle that is all one color and comes with many extra pieces. Even if you’ve never done a puzzle like that, you can imagine how difficult it would be to accomplish. It’s challenging to pin down which pieces go where to complete the puzzle without a picture to guide, particularly when there are a ton of extra pieces you don’t need.

If that puzzle represents your small business goals, you have probably started and gotten a few pieces in place, but you’ve got gaps in that puzzle that need to be filled for that puzzle to be completed. And you aren’t sure what to put in those places. That reality tends to frustrate people. You can clearly see gaps, and you can clearly see there are options for filling those gaps in, but you cannot choose which pieces to use.

You’re having a hard time filling these spaces in because you don’t have a clear picture of your goal. If that puzzle represents the goal you have for your business, it’s tough to fill it in if you do not have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.

You cannot effectively create a strategy for getting to completion (achieving your small business goals) without having an idea of what completion will look like. All of the additional pieces represent different options that you could plug into those empty spaces and reach your goal. You only need some of those pieces, but you don’t know which ones they are.

Those extra puzzle pieces are all the many different things that we’ve heard work for other people (start a YouTube channel, work with influencers, create a TikTok series, be a guest on podcasts…), and those options distract us. Those options have worked for people before, but that doesn’t mean they are the best choice for YOU.

look at the big picture

Without that big picture of what you want to accomplish, though, you have no idea which would or wouldn’t be suitable for you. They all sound like equally good ideas.

You cannot make good decisions about where to spend time in your business, and you cannot accomplish your small business goals until you have a clear big picture strategy. Unless and until you have that, you’re always going to feel overwhelmed by options of what to do! As autonomous humans with unique circumstances and priorities, everyone’s big picture will be different, which means everyone’s strategy and combination of pieces will be different. Still, we all need to know how to select the right pieces for ourselves and our own businesses.

Your picture will change, your goals will change, and you’ll need to know how to pick the right pieces to get to that new goal. This happens many times over the lifetime of your business. You need to know and understand how to build the strategy for whatever the picture currently is. Finding the correct pieces for your current goal is essential, but so is having the skills to know how to do that effectively in the future. Your small business goals will evolve, and there will always be a million options. 

not every business goal is right for you

It’s very easy to get distracted when you’re not sure what your big-picture strategy is, which is why nailing that down is the first step. Decide what you want to accomplish specifically, then build the plan to get there. Until you understand what you’re going for, everything will sound like a great idea, and you’ll keep adding those ideas to your list. It’s a distraction.

I am proof that this is one hundred percent real. I was confused for several years. My business started just like everyone else’s, messy and not concise and unfocused. Eventually, I did hit my stride, but along the way, I had amassed so much information and pursued so many various things simply because they had worked for other people. It was an effort to grow and diversify my business, but I ended up with little bursts of success, a long to-do list of tasks, and a lack of energy. I never knew what my big picture was, so I couldn’t possibly pick the right things to spend time on that would help me get where I was going.

I did not see significant changes or sustained success in my business until I started to connect these random dots.

Until I had a clear picture of what I was trying to accomplish, I couldn’t formulate a strategy. As a result, I was super duper on the struggle bust. I constantly felt like I was stuck because it didn’t make sense to me that I could know so many things and still get nowhere.

I had amassed so much information about HOW TO do things but not how those things could or should work together. So I kept doing thing after thing, and all of the puzzle pieces or options for what I could do to fill in my business just became tasks on a never-ending to-do list. There was no end in sight. I wasn’t able to audit which of those options would help me achieve my goal because I had no defined goal.

In this very vicious cycle of completing tasks (not strategies), I would then start to feel guilty about the time I spent because I wasn’t getting anywhere.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. You need to define your goal and then learn to select the correct pieces to build the strategy. That’s the very simple truth of the matter! But, we can help you do it.

You cannot run a thriving business that way. It’s not possible. Successful businesses don’t have energy-depleted CEOs. Your bold, nontraditional, precious, dream business deserves a well-educated, empowered, and confident CEO. And that person is you. Confidence, empowerment, and education do not come from chasing shiny objects around the Internet, doing a million things, and waiting to see what sticks.

Your business needs YOU, the CEO, to be on point. That cannot happen if you are constantly having your energy depleted and your attention fragmented.

If you are ready to trim down that never-ending to-do list of tasks and start implementing strategies that are actually aligned to your business and your unique small business goals, then you are a future Council Member. We would love to have you join our Council community! All the information about The Council, our membership experience for makers in business, can be found right here.

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