B-School Curious? Ask Me.

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B-School Curious? Ask Me.

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Last week I introduced you to my business fairy godmother, Marie Forleo. You probably know her on your own as well, if you are an internet-surfer, entrepreneurial woman, you’d be very likely to have encountered her by now. Her posts and podcasts and videos get shared a ton because they are insanely valuable.

If you haven’t met Marie yet, click here for her limited time only free business training. This is a great way to get to know her and get insanely inspired at the same time.

Since then you have probably heard the word “B-School” getting bumped around and it’s for a very good reason: Marie Forleo’s B-School is a program for modern, online entrepreneurs and it only opens for enrollment once per year. I am a B-School alumni and I want you to know: it’s awesome.

When I first started my business I kept hearing about Marie-this and Marie-that. Pretty much like you are hearing about her right now. All the people I looked up to had mentioned her numerous times, and I knew that had to mean something. Because that many cool people couldn’t all be wrong about the same thing, of course. When her signature program B-School was open for enrollment the first year I was in business, I sat it out and did not enroll. The regret was basically immediate. We’re talking like, the feeling of not ordering dessert you really wanted but, more. The following year when B-School opened again, I was in. Take my money.

What is B-School?

Marie Forleo’s B-School is a program for entrepreneurs who want to do business either in whole or in part online. It opens just once per year in real time over the course of eight weeks, but you don’t have to participate in real time if the calendar doesn’t align for you. In fact, I revisit B-School multiple times throughout the year – every single year. Marie breaks her program down into six units with two implementation weeks built in so that if you are participating in real time, you can catch up on actually putting some of what you’ve learned into action. While it is fun and motivating to participate in real time, with live calls and check-ins, most people will find the true value of B-School happens over long periods of time, like years. The beauty of this program is that it is for the life of your business – and you can refer back to pieces as needed. For me, that has been extremely beneficial.

And the pieces Marie has in B-School are incredibly thoughtful, relevant, and actionable. This isn’t just another course – this isn’t just a class on a single topic. This is a foundation and a structure. Marie provides very strong, solid foundations and building blocks, guides you through each essential part of business, coaches you through why it matters, how to implement, and opens your mind to new possibilities in the process.

How B-School Helped Me

For me, the absolute biggest takeaway from B-school was the introduction to things, people, communities and tools I would not have discovered until many years later otherwise. Marie connected me to resources I wouldn’t have even thought to look for. I learned so much from the community as well as the program. The insights I picked up were truly game-changing and business accelerating.

As my business changes and grows and I take on new projects, I refer to B-School over and over. It’s usually one of the first places I look for answers to questions I have, because I trust Marie and her community. It’s really comforting to know that no matter what project I’m working on, Marie’s lessons will apply. That is the beauty of her program: it is for the life of your business – it’s not specific to any one type of business or niche, it’s about business. The process and structure and the concept of business.

If you have considered B-School, or are considering B-School now, and want to find out if it’s a good fit for you as a handmade business owner, I would love to share more of my experience with you. I’m an open book, so come on over and get the information you need in order to make the best decision for you this year regarding B-School. Remember it only opens once per year, so I want to make sure you have proper time to think about it and ample opportunity to get the info you need!

Start with the free series, Marie’s business training series right here.

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