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Remember I told you I will be guest posting a series of monthly guess posts over on the aftcra blog? I’m so excited and I wanted to introduce you to this platform, it’s the next big thing. More info on this collaboration can be found here.

Of course I wanted to let them introduce themselves in their own words. So the following was written up for us by Erica Riegelman, President and Co-Founder of aftcra. 

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aftcra is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade goods made in America. Our mission is to help support local artisans across the US connect with people who wouldn’t normally see your goods. Whether it’s a handmade enthusiast in Boston that loves products out of San Francisco, or a shopper in your own backyard, we want to help make those connections. We want to be a marketplace where shoppers feel confident that the products they intend to purchase are not only made in America, but that the goods are all made by hand.

aftcra | the merriweather council blog Erica Riegelman

I am Erica Riegelman, the President and Co-Founder of aftcra. I created aftcra because of my mom. My mom is an incredible artisan and, when I was younger, she would always be painting, or crafting or sculpting, especially for our schools as a side-job. She had a talent that I had wished I had, and I’m fairly certain that (in my case) the talent of making skipped a generation.

Growing up, creating was something that was just part of my life. Because of her, I grew an appreciation for art and the skill behind handcrafted goods from a young age.

For some reason my mom stopped creating once my brother and I got into high school. I was too into the importance of high school life to realize it. But thankfully, once I graduated college, she decided to start up again. She started making these life-size witches out of wood as halloween decorations. She made quite a few of them and tried to sell them through local boutiques up in northern Wisconsin, but everyone wanted to take a huge margin, so she stopped. She was frustrated.

aftcra was my solution to help her and any other artisans who were looking for a different venue to sell their handmade goods.

We ended up selecting aftcra as the name because it is an anagram for “a craft” – or the skill it takes to create something out of nothing. We think it’s a good representation of our talented artisans.

I’ll be posting more about aftcra in the future. In the meantime, check out their site + blog and look for my posts there over the next few months! Erica is very open and responsive to questions so don’t be shy if you are curious!

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