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Last week I introduced you to Marie Forleo’s amazing program for modern entrepreneurs. If you missed it, catch up right here.

Because B-school only opens for enrollment ONE TIME per year, I want to make sure you know everything you need to know in order to make a decision that is best for you. Because if you read this blog, you are likely a modern entrepreneur, and if you’ve read this far into this post, I know you are interested in this business-changing, mindset-shifting, praise-be-where-has-this-been-all-my-life experience.

Is that an exaggeration? No.

Consider the grocery store

When you first enter a new grocery store, it can be a little confusing trying to get the layout and flow of everything. You might even have a few trips where you have to circle around a bunch, back and forth across the store because you haven’t quite figured out where everything is yet. You feel like certain things should be over here but they aren’t. You feel annoyed by this because, hello, time is precious, and this really shouldn’t be that hard, right?

You are probably doing the exact same thing in your business.

You know what you are looking for but can’t find it.

You know this whole thing would be a lot smoother if you just had a better understanding of what to expect.

And you feel annoyed that you keep going in circles.


Imagine that B-school is the thing that can make your trip in entrepreneurship a LOT smoother. Imagine that you don’t have to go in circles anymore, because you’ve got the blueprint, the mindset and support you need to move forward, and the tools to grow bigger instead of not at all.

Enrolling in B-school is an investment. To sit B-school out is a risk.

B-school costs $2500 which breaks down to:

  • 500 per year, or about $42 per month for five years. About $1.37 per day, every day for 5 years.
  • For 1 year, it’s less than a trip to Starbucks per day!!
  • In five years’ time, you’d experience 12.5k worth of Marie content if you checked back on b-school each year.

There have been many WEEKS and also DAYS in my PRODUCT-BASED BUSINESS where I made more than $2k.

  • If your product averages $50, that’s 50 sales to pay for B-school. Are you really going to let 50 sales stand between you and this opportunity?
  • If you charge $30/hour that’s 84 hours of work, or about 2.5 weeks of full-time work to pay for B-school. That time will pass anyway, you will work anyway.
  •  It’s $208 a month for 12 months. If your product averages $50 that’s about 4 sales per month for 12 months you’d need to cover the cost of B-school. Or, 8 sales a month for half a year!

Another think to think about: If you aren’t making this sort of money now, you could be before B-school is offered again.

You can participate in B-school from ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. The materials are available to you indefinitely and you can check in on them whenever you want. I check in with B-school materials multiple times per year, at the start of any project, always.

If you are trying to build more income streams, craft better offerings, or run more effective operations, B-school is for you.

This is your only chance this year to get Marie in your pocket for continued inspiration, direction, support and guidance. And trust me she is worth so much more than the cost of B-school.

B-school is about BUILDING a business long term. If you want to move beyond the day to day grind of trying to make sales, and start working on the year to year, long term goals of your business, B-school is for you. Marie will supercharge the heart + soul of your business, reignite the flame if you’ve stagnated, or give you the tools you need to build the strongest foundation for your life as an entrepreneur. Plus her community is full of kind, savvy and brilliant people.

I am just ONE of Marie’s MANY thousands of students.

Do note that this post includes my partner link and if you enroll in B-School through that link, I will likely receive a commission, but I’m only recommending you check this out because I truly believe in the power of Marie’s teaching, guidance and support!
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