Newly Added to my List of Life Goals


1. Have some college student write a report about me.

When I was in college I wrote a “report” about Frances Trombly whose work I adore. I would like to someday have some college student like my work enough to write about it.

2. Establish a scholarship aka give someone some m$ney.

I think it would be pretty freaking awesome to be wealthy enough to invest in someone’s goal that is fiber related or similar in someway to what I do. Don’t you think so? Also, Merriweather’s initial investment was mostly scholarship money, which I love.

3. Be someone’s mentor.*

Because what’s cooler than someone asking your advice? Someone values your opinion enough, and admires what you have accomplished enough to trust you? I would probably cry.

4. Have a solo show.

Just one. That’s all. I’d be happy with just one.


(*hahaha I actually wrote mentos on the first try – that is pretty gross, I don’t want to be anyone’s mentos.)


hello + welcome

Oh, hi! Welcome to The Merriweather Council. I’m Danielle and I am a maker in business and mentor to other makers in business. I teach you how to turn your crafty tendencies into profits!

Oh, I’m also really into crafts, boy bands + iced coffee. Email me anytime to say hello or send cute Backstreet Boy videos or dog pictures .. or whatever! danielle (at) Thanks for stopping by.

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