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Imagine with me for a moment, an Etsy shop…

  that promotes your work for you while you sleep (so you can stop it with the constant promotion)

  that generates sales, as well as other profitable opportunities (without you working for every single one)

  that people visit and stay inside of longer (because you’re no longer attracting the wrong buyers)

  that helps you achieve the income you need to stay home with your child or pay for vacations and activities (instead of juggling a full time job and your handmade business)

I really hope you were able to imagine that because all of those things are possible.

Are you interested in building a shop that keeps you creatively making the things you love? Do you want to sell on Etsy using a shop that works harder for you?

AWESOME. I knew you would be so I pulled together all of my best resources to get you started.

It’s like a bad episode of Gossip Girl out there.

It’s time to separate fact from fiction and bust the myths that are holding you back, so you can build a profitable shop!

Join the Merriweather Council for a free video that includes 4 totally untrue rumors that are flying around the internet (and making it harder than it needs to be for you to succeed!) plus the #1 TRUTH about you might not have considered but need to start thinking about now!

4 Lies and a Truth

a more profitable + enjoyable experience awaits

The Etsy Training Course is your guide to leveraging the unique power of Etsy for your business.

Give your ability to sell on Etsy a big boost with the Etsy Training Course now!

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Creative Life, Happy Life

Join the private community of handmade business owners dedicated to generating gainful self employment from their craft work.

4 Lies and a Truth

These are 4 Lies & A Truth that will change the way you use Etsy forever!

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