How to Print Shipping Labels From Home for Your Handmade Product Shop

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If you sell products online and ship them to your customers, you are likely know how to print shipping labels from home. (If not, definitely get on that. It’ll change your life.)

creating shipping labels

Whether you sell through Shopify, Etsy, or other platforms, there are several ways to produce your shipping labels from home.

One of the most loved ways is by using a label printer. The top contenders for at-home shipping label printing are the DYMO XL and the Rollo. Both are good options for printing shipping labels at home.

Selecting the right printer for shipping labels

You’ve probably heard the buzz about those at some point. If you felt like it was too task-specific for the price tag, I hear you, and I have another (better, IMHO) option to introduce you to.

Label Printers

While label printers ARE great. They don’t use ink, which is a significant cost reduction (The magic there is thermal technology, and it is very cool), and they self adhere to your packages, so no tape is needed! However, they only do ONE thing. When I’m trying to maximize a dollar, I want my gadgets to do multiple things.

Thermal technology is pretty awesome, but it’s not the only ink-alternative option. The big so what of this article is really, as I emphasized earlier, to NOT use ink to print shipping labels from home. It’s too expensive for what it is.

Laser printers

If you feel like you’re not legit until your labels self adhere to your packages and like the ease of that lifestyle but don’t want to go all-in on a label printer, you’re going to love this.

Laser printers, if you don’t know, use toner rather than ink. You will get much more mileage out of a single toner cartridge than you would with an ink cartridge. It’s your basic black and white printing, cheaper, easier, and with less hassle/ no dry time. Plus, you can print regular documents.

This is a much more appealing option to me than the label printer. The benefits are the same: print self-adhering shipping labels without ink, plus the added benefit of printing regular full-sized documents.

my shipping label printer setup

I’ve been thrilled with this set up for at-home shipping label printing for over five years now. Here’s what I use:

Printer: HP LaserJet M203dw
This is the newer version of the one I have! It’s small, compact and prints FAST!

Toner: HP LaserJet 30A
Most major retailers like Staples and OfficeMax carry this toner in store if you are ever in a pickle. Pro tip: if you think you’ve run out of toner, take the cartridge out and shake it.

Label paper: Avery Shipping Labels (I use this brand but there are others! Just make sure it’s compatible with the printer.)

If, after reading this, you are actually more interested in the label printer, the popular, trusted options are the Dymo XL and the Rollo.


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