Episode 083: All Product Sellers are Marketers, Too


Business is business. At the end of the day - it doesn’t actually matter what you are selling. All product sellers are marketers, too. | The Merriweather Council Blog

Product Sellers are Marketers

Product seller, you are also a marketer. Did you know that?

Sometimes I read things on the internet that really bum me out (as I’m sure you do, too.) One thing I see consistently in the handmade communities I am part of is this idea that product sellers wouldn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t learn from certain people or implement certain strategies because they wouldn’t apply.

In some cases, that is true. There is basically no reason for a person who sells handmade products to go and take a cookie course with the expectation that it would directly influence their product business. But then again, that is not usually what’s being floated as a possibility that people are knocking.

Marketing a Product is Like Marketing a Service

No, instead, what I see is comments like “that’s for service based businesses” or “this is for marketers” or similar sentiment. Basically alluding to the idea that if you sell a product, you wouldn’t / couldn’t / shouldn’t pay attention to certain things… they don’t apply to you.

WHOA, NELLY. Not cool, y’all. Not cool.

Business is business. At the end of the day – it doesn’t actually matter what you are selling. If you sell something, you are a marketer. Or at bare minimum: you have to be. Whether you want to call yourself one or not, it’s best to get comfortable with the fact that you are a marketer. And marketing a service is not all that different from marketing a product.

That’s what today’s episode is about.

It’s short and sweet and to the point. An episode of tough love. Have a listen.

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