How to Promote Handmade Products Online: How Much Promotion is Enough?

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Promotion is an important part of business regardless of industry or type. Many creative entrepreneurs struggle with promotion despite knowing how important it is! (Maybe you are one of them?)

Part of that struggle could be lack of knowledge. It’s possible that some business owners do feel uninspired or unskilled about how and where to promote their products. On the other hand, that is all learnable!!

Before going forward I want to remind you that we here at Merriweather do not suggest sending traffic via promotional efforts to an Etsy shop! Send to your website! Here’s why. For your own, autonomous website though, promotion is essential!

Promote Handmade Products More Than Once

Another big part of why promotion feels difficult to do (well and consistently) is we tend to stop short. No matter how much you promote your product, it will feel like a lot to you. It will feel like enough. It isn’t.

To you, a post a day, one email a week, an IGTV, 3 reels and a YouTube video about the same product in 30 days time is going to feel like overkill. It’s not. No one else sees every post, email or video. No one else is as close to it as you are. Most people don’t follow you on every single channel.

It’s always best to promote your handmade products and your shop more than you think is enough. If you’ve gotten to the point where you cannot stand to hear yourself talk about it, that’s the minimum amount of promotion you want to do.

People do not see our promotions at the same frequency we publish them. You must go as far as you think is necessary and then keep going.

We tend to stop short thinking we are bothering people, or that we are just repeating ourselves (we are, that’s fine!) Repeating ourselves, putting the same message into multiple, diverse packages increases your chances of being seen and heard by more of your audience, plus it helps reiterate the point to those who have seen things before. You always want your audience to see and hear your message multiple times and for that to happen, you need to share that message a lot. 

We tend to under promote because to us it feels like a lot, but to everyone else, it doesn’t. They aren’t seeing it all, they can’t see it regularly if you only post a couple times. Keep going. You want to show up multiple times! People forget what they saw! You’re not annoying anyone and if you are they can unfollow. This is a mindset shift that can be hard to overcome, but I have full faith that you are capable.

You have to KEEP TALKING ABOUT YOUR WORK.  In case you need the same reminder Heather + Michelle needed: There is nothing wrong with you promoting your products on your business channels. Permission granted to promote, promote, promote!

Quality Over Quantity

It’s worth noting that not all promotions are good. While every post is helpful, you will see better results from quality over quantity. The sooner you learn what quality promotion and marketing look like, the sooner you’ll be able to create that regularly. With a system in place to make that creation easier, you’ll have the skills and the insights to consistently put out content that actually serves you in reaching your sales and business goals. It’s not JUST about showing up, though that’s a big part of it, it’s about taking the right actions. Messy action is great to get started but intentional action is what’s needed for sustainability and longevity! Learn how to effectively promote your product based business with us inside of The Council with mentor and peer support and expert lead lessons!!

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