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I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but, I am not a marketing expert.

I know… I know…

But I am a consumer. And I consume many things and many of the things I consume are repeats. I am a loyal consumer to certain brands.

American Eagle cuff shorts – every year for the past 5 years I’ve bought a new pair of these shorts and they are always awesome. They are the best and I basically live in them all summer so they’ve gotta be good. Which they are, which I know and that is why I keep getting them. This is the only thing I buy at American Eagle so stop judging me.

Apple Gadgets – iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod… iGotit. iDon’t go anywhere else for my digital gadgets and if I must, I grumble about it.

Starbucks – yes please.

I really have no problem admitting that I like starbucks.

If you are like me and go to Sbux daily (and know that Sbux is what it shows up as on your bank account) then maybe you’ve noticed that they’ve been giving out these limited time only “treat receipts.” And they are flipping brilliant.


You have to spend money there first.

If you go to Starbucks and buy any beverage before 2pm, you get a treat receipt. When you bring it back to Starbucks after 2pm, you can get your grande beverage for only $2 and as you may know that is a discount of $2 or more. If you come in after 2pm and it is your first time there that day – you’re still paying full price. Only the people who have spent money already get the treat.

The people who would’ve spent only $4 a day are now spending $6.

And they are only going back because of the discount! The people who normally spend $4 a day are now spending $6! It’s brilliant!  I normally only go to Starbucks once a day, but when I get the treat receipt, I sometimes go back! Not always but probably 1 out of every third time – and like I said, normally I wouldn’t. That’s $6+ more dollars a week Starbucks has made off me. And think about how $6 multiplies when Starbucks is giving this little treat to everyone who comes in and buys a drink before 2pm.

Which leads us to the next thing: before 2pm is Starbucks’ peak time.

People tend to get their coffee fix in the morning or before work. Before 2pm. The treat receipt gives people a reason to come in and spend money during a time that is a little slower for Starbucks, after 2pmg. Are you getting it yet?

It rewards loyalists.

Starbucks doesn’t have one of these “rewards” programs – unless you sign up for their card which I am fairly certain costs money. This is a way for Starbucks to reward loyalists but also, create more.

It’s not an always thing.

It only happens a few times a year. They aren’t cheapening their brand by having a sale like this everyday. For crazy coffee people – it is something to get excited about.

Wouldn’t it be cool to offer something to customers during your buy time (maybe the holidays) that they can use during your less busy time (umm, January-April) as a reward? Maybe you are already offering a coupon code or something for all customers? How does that work out for you?



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