Pros, Cons and a Discussion about Etsy’s New Website Builder, Pattern with Abby Glassenberg

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Y’all have probably heard by now that Etsy released a new service for their sellers called Pattern this week. Pattern is one click website builder for Etsy sellers who want to establish a shop on their own domain. Abby Glassenberg + I got together to chat about Pattern and go deeper into discussing the features, pros, cons and considerations surrounding it. You can watch our chat below!


PLEASE NOTE: since this post was published, Etsy has made changes to Pattern. You can view a history of the changes – many of the favorable – here.

Some Notes:

My $00.02 on this is that at a certain point you need to decide what is more important to you: to speak in your own voice, or to maybe get a small boost in search. If you can make their template work for you, go for it, if not, I say don’t stress. It’s not like a search for “purple socks” will turn up baby bibs just because the baby bib seller is using the policy template. It’s such a small factor, I wouldn’t stress over it.

+ is built on Shopify. I have the $29/mo plan, I pay no commission to Shopify per sale. I pay a CC or PayPal processing fee same as you would anywhere. I use one paid plug in that gives me the ability to auto deliver digital files, this app costs $10/mo.

+ If you are Shopify Curious, please check out the posts I’ve written on the subject as well as my Free Shopify Boosted Start video.

+ If you want to learn how to set your Etsy shop up increased visibility and sales so that you can take advantage of the power of Etsy, you can find my Training Course for Etsy sellers


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