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No, nothing about how effective renewing Etsy listings is has changed.
(but you’ve been told otherwise so let’s unpack that.)

“renewing listings is no longer effective at all.”

If you heard that, you were lied to. This is WRONG.

I can’t simply STAND BY and let these rumors persist. So here’s the deal. Let’s read what Etsy actually wrote regarding renewing listings.

(Quotes pulled from this article here.)

new listings on etsy

“When a new listing is created, it gets a small, temporary boost in search results so that Etsy search can learn more about how buyers interact with it to determine the listing’s quality score.”

Okay, makes sense, also we knew that because RECENCY has ALWAYS informed relevancy. ALWAYS! The use of the word temporary should NOT be a surprise. The inherent meaning of “recent” is such that… something can only be recent for so long. So yeah, that was always the case, too. Recent = temporary.

renewing listings on etsy

“Renewed listings get a similar, though smaller, boost.”

Again, we knew this, because recency has always informed relevancy.

“This temporary boost can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on how often people are searching for a particular item.”

Again, okay, makes sense. I don’t think any of us assumed this recency was going to last forever as the inherent meaning of recency is again, related to timing. Say it with me: a thing can only BE RECENT FOR SO LONG.

“Regularly renewing your items or creating new listings just to get this small boost isn’t an effective search optimization strategy.”

I mean, I truly hope we have all always been under this impression. You can’t just renew listings and call it a day. Also a listing that isn’t optimized properly to begin with probably shouldn’t be renewed all that often, because what’s the point.

“Instead, we recommend focusing your time and efforts on improving your tags or working to help increase your conversion rate.”

Well, certainly, of course! I think everyone reading this has been trying to improve their conversion rate all along and has been checking their stats maybe even more than they should be.

does renewing listings on etsy make a difference?

So what did we learn here today? Nothing much actually.

Here’s what truly matters: understand that they ALSO SAY – and have always said – that CUMULATIVELY the way your listings attract and convert buyers increases your relevancy. For example, if someone sees your item in search (which requires it to SHOW in search) and they click through and purchase it or heart it, etc, that’s good for your overall relevancy.

This begs the question: how is it “not effective at all” to renew a listing if that renewal DOES provide even a small boost that increases the chances of you being seen? That’s like saying “well, moisturizing your skin only lasts a little while, so why bother?” It’s still good to do it sometimes, right? And then maybe if you liked the result, you’d do it again. And overtime, the overall situation would improve. Same idea, really. So NO you shouldn’t rely on renewing listings as your primary game play, but to say it’s not effective at all is simply incorrect, especially if you see the value in any sort of a “boost” at all.

Remember, nothing about the effectiveness has CHANGED – the effectiveness of renewing listings is pretty much the same as it has been, Etsy just wrote it out for us. I suggest you carry on with whatever you feel comfortable doing with renewals, bearing in mind that well optimized listings will do best in any situation.

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