Self Guided Critique


I have been working on something kinda cool (I think at least) and I am ready to tell you about it.


I constantly see people asking for others to critique their Etsy shops – people asking other people for advice and guidance and opinions. This can be very helpful, but it can also be very damaging.
Why? Because when you put yourself out there asking for an opinion, you are obviously looking to change what you are already doing, or improve it. And so you might be very likely to take what others say and do it! Especially is the person giving you the advice is someone you admire or who has a booming shop. You think, “clearly, they know what they are doing.”
But the truth is – they don’t know what you’re doing. They don’t know your vision or your intention and they don’t have your taste, style or knowledge about your product.
So I have been developing a Self Guided Critique. 
No more getting caught up in what others tell you to do. No more major overhauls that leave your shop lacking in everything you wanted it to be. The rules aren’t for everyone, but this guide is. It’s just questions. Questions formulated to get you to the best possible answer for your shop!
Through a series of questions, I’ll help you maintain your own vision, express your own personal flair, while also making you aware of what might need to change about your shop.
The guide covers everything from tagging and titling to shop graphics and branding.
I am SO excited. I think it will be really cool… when it’s done, which it isn’t.
I sent a very rough draft copy to Erin a few months ago – she was like my guinea pig – and I’ve been improving it and working on it since then.
Of course I will share it here first! So stay tuned.
Does this sound cool to anyone other than myself?


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