One Huge Thing to Remember During Busy Sales Periods

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one huge thing to remember during busy sales periods in your handmade shop

Self Sabotage During Busy Sales Periods

As the holiday season was ending, I noticed a lot of the makers I follow are burning out. This is totally normal. Burnout after a busy season is normal. What’s worse though, and less ‘okay’ is self sabotage.

I want to share this important reminder with you. This is important to keep in mind all year, but it might be particularly fresh for understanding right now. There will be busy times and slower times. Don’t make either one harder for yourself. Don’t work against yourself.

This is a tough love alert

No matter how stressful a season or event is – no matter how many orders there are, or you’re taking flu meds like you’re at a tequila bar, or postal delays or you mix something up or something goes out late… no matter what, don’t work against yourself and what you’ve accomplished thus far.

Be honest with your customers, they deserve to know what’s up. They’ve paid, they’ve chosen to work with you, they deserve your attentiveness and honesty. Isn’t this what you’d want as a customer too?

Be honest with yourself about what’s possible for you, this year, right now. I closed my shop December 2nd – I pretty much willingly let this season go because I have other things going on in life right now that would make it hard for me to run both my businesses well, something had to give. Yeah it sucked to have to choose but, I’m happy knowing that what I am doing is being done well.

Be humble. Contrary to what you believe, no one is tracking your sales volume or is measuring your worth by how busy you are. Busy is a dumb glorification, what matters is how you feel about the service you provide.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stop

Don’t be afraid to stop. You do yourself and everyone else a service by stopping while you’re ahead – not by taking on more than you can handle. You’re the boss, and your customers expect you to set limitations that protect them AND you, and that create an environment of prosperity. Don’t be afraid to adjust (prices, turn around times, policies).

You are a small business, yes, and people will make concessions for that but to be any kind of business at all you need to know your limits and work within them. Things happen but don’t set yourself up for things to happen more often than they need to.

Quality > Quantity

Remember: quality > quantity. The quality of your service and product and the quality of your life are more important than the quantity of sales or an arbitrary fictional number plastered on your storefront.

Your health and sanity should be a priority, and your customer service and sales experience should stay well formed all year – when you care for yourself, you are better able to care for your business.

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