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If you feel drained and overwhelmed by social media content – you are not alone, and there are plenty of reasons that might be the case. One of them is merely feeling clueless about what your audience wants to see from you. I know for a fact that this one question creates a ton of anxiety and lots of hurdles for handmade business owners who use social media with the hope of casting a wider net for their business and connecting with existing fans and customers.

What content should I create?

What kind of social media content should you create for your social and email audiences? What do your followers want to see from you on social, in their inbox, or wherever else you show up for them?

The great news is this question has a straightforward answer. Your followers and audience members want to see you showing up as a confident, independent, capable, creative business owner.

Better news: there are LOTS of ways to do that. There are many ways for you to show up and exude confidence, independence, and creativity on behalf of your business.

They want to see and hear you showing up in that way, regularly. It doesn’t have to be daily; it just has to be that you give them that view whenever you show up.

Content to Avoid

Before we chat about how to show up as a confident, creative business owner, here are a few things you’ll want to avoid in your efforts to do so:

Complaining about the algorithms

Especially without a resolute or inspired approach to facing it. It’s one thing to show up and say, “Hey, this is a flaw in this system, here’s how we can overcome it.” It’s another thing to show up and say, “This flaw is outrageous, how obnoxious is this, oh my god what a disaster for small business owners.” See the difference?

I cannot tell you how often I see this type of social media content now, not only on Instagram but TikTok. Whenever I see someone complaining about the algorithm and providing nothing of value, or by way of a fresh perspective, I roll my eyes and move along.

Other business owner type complaints should not show up in your social or email interactions with customers, too.


There is an old episode of the podcast about TMI on social media, and this is still a thing. Stop airing your dirty laundry via social media content that you post on your business accounts. The people you want to reach – the customers you want to cultivate, do not care about it. Similar to the point made above, complaining without any circling back on value is just not effective.


If you are continually discounting your work, what does that say to your audience? I’ll tell you: it says, “I don’t believe anyone will pay full price,” also known as, “I don’t believe in my value and worth.” If you feel like discounts are a no brainer way to get people from social or email to buy, be sure to check back to these episodes for a deep dive on why that might not be the case: Here’s why we don’t love first order or opt in coupons and here’s why we think you should ditch your return customer coupon, too.

What DO people want to see in your content?

What kind of content DOES make you look and sound like a confident, creative, independent business owner?


Consistency in social media content builds trust, and people want to trust you before buying or interacting, which is enormous. Consistency tells me you’re here for the long haul. Consistency tells me you have a plan, and that’s professional. Consistency exists in branding and visual nature and overall vibe of your language and posts, but it also applies to timing and pacing.

Behind the scenes

You’ve heard this one million times, but no one ever tells you WHY behind the scenes are so powerful. Yes, they are fun to watch, and everyone likes to see ‘behind the scenes’ as a little bit of a voyeur. But more than just being interesting, behind-the-scenes social media content allows people to see you at work, in your space, in your natural habitat, so to say. It’s EASY for you to show up confidently here because THAT is the work you enjoy doing. This is also the work you likely do quite a bit of, and it would be easy to capture without going out of your way. Just set your phone up while you do it.

Your face!

Don’t be shy. Create face to camera content!! – some people will hate this, but if you can, show your face and talk to the people on the other side of the screen. This is one of the most engaging content types – people like to see and hear your voice. And when you show up this way, you are beginning to practice confidence building; while it might be uncomfortable at first, this is what people want to see: you as the business owner.

Show us your products not just in photos but in videos with you holding them, tell us about your business not only in static slides but face to face. Most of the content you would typically share as static images can be shared in a face to camera format.

Insights, tips and new things

When you share insights that your audience will value, you become an authority. We want to see that you know something about something.

Try something new

Nothing says creative and brave about it (aka confidence) like trying something new. Variety keeps things interesting – try telling the same story in a new way, tell a new story in a tried and true format.


If you are excited about your work or something you are doing, share that with people. That energy is contagious. Vibe check yourself though — if you are NOT feeling it, people will know it right away, and that is something you want to avoid as well.

All of this is social media content, and content creation is something you will always be doing as a business owner in the online space. If you are looking for support, tutorials, and fresh ideas for more easily creating content, you’ll find our very best resources inside The Council. You can get more details about what we do and how we do it in The Council at

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