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A question you’d like answered or a discussion you think should be had? Please, don’t be shy! I love hearing for you + I especially love writing on things you’re interested in! Email with subject line Blog Suggestion.

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Currently I am looking for Material Obsession stories. Does this material make you feel inspired?

Do you continue to buy this material even when you have plenty? AKA Do you hoard this material?

Do you have a visceral reaction to this material and things made of it?

If you answered yes, you might have a material obsession. Please consider submitting your Name, material, 1-2 samples images and a few sentences about your obsession along with a link to your shop. Send materials to with subject link Material Obsession Submission followed by your name. THANKS!!

Please note, in the case of guest posts, I look for high quality images and unique stories. Brandi’s is a great example, please take a look!

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