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Have you ever considered running a Facebook ad campaign for a product launch or to build your list of email subscribers? Then listen up we have a few surprising Facebook ad considerations for you today!

Mia from That marketing girl

Today we have Mia from That Marketing Girl talking about Facebook Ads and how to optimize them for your business. Mia and her team function as That Marketing Girl, a boutique social media marketing agency that helps small to medium businesses leverage their social media presence and convert leads into sales. TMG specializes in Facebook ads and content creation. (Be sure to check them out if you are interested in hiring for that. I will leave her link below!)

Quick note, Mia and I spoke for QUITE a while and there are 20 full additional minutes of this interview inside of The Council – our monthly membership experience for handmade business owners. Just one of the many perks of being a Council Member is access to even more exclusive content!

Get started with facebook ads

If you are Facebook ad-curious, you might be wondering when and how to get started. Mia says there has never been a better time to start a Facebook ad campaign than now. Unlike traditional forms of advertising (radio, print, magazines) there is no waiting weeks for production and turnaround time. You can set up a campaign straight from your laptop and off you go!

As you likely know, online businesses need to be noble and quick to stay relevant! You only need to know how to create the campaign and use Facebook Ads. Your campaigns can be used to create complex sales funnels to target, reach, and convert a colder audience. You can also run ads to your existing audience to strengthen your organic (unpaid) efforts. One big benefit to ads? While there are plenty, I really liked what Mia shared about how ads can help you bolster your PR strategy, basically. For example, if you don’t have the capacity to pitch and appear on podcasts for exposure, ads can be an alternative that introduces you to a new audience.

Targeting an audience with facebook ads

Let’s dive into those surprising Facebook Ad considerations. When asked about targeting an audience with ads, Mia explains the moment you – or any users – sign up to Facebook, it’s tracking all of your posts. It then gives that info to advertisers. When you say you are engaged, married, or post pictures of an event, it uses that information to decide which ads to show you. That information Facebook collects helps small businesses like us to find and reach our customers. You can really dial in exactly the sort of person you want to reach based on their age, interests and other factors. (You know this first hand if you’ve ever seen an ad for something unknown to you before but that you were very intrigued by! You were targeted!)

Audiences to start with

Mia has 3 audiences that she says you should start with and experiment with them first:

  • Safe Audience: You pick your target interests, platform behaviors, demographics, and even what mobiles they use and IOS’s.
  • Custom Audience: You can upload your email list to Facebook and target your ads to only people with those emails. You can also target specific actions on your site. For example, people who have abandoned a cart. There are SO many customizations available. Facebook ads are so powerful.
  • Look-a-like Audience: An audience based on people similar to those who have purchased from you before.

before running a facebook ad campaign

There are a few things Mia says you need to have in place before you run a Facebook Ad Campaign. These things will allow your ads to effectively do their job in hitting your target audience and creating conversion.

  • Install a Pixel to your Website: a Pixel is a snippet of code that links your website to your Facebook and allows for information transfer with cookies. There is a Google app called Facebook Pixel Helper that can help with this and make sure it’s working correctly.
  • Set Up Standard Events: Your pixel needs to be able to see important events on your website, like adding something to cart. Making the “add to cart” button a trigger that sends the data to Facebook.
  • Create a Seamless Website: You need to remember where you are directing traffic to. You want your website to function seamlessly and be easy to navigate
  • PR Compliance Cookie Pop-up: You are collecting data on your site visitors, so you need to make sure you are in compliance legally in your country.

always be testing facebook ads

One of the things that Mia’s clients are most surprised about when she works with them on their ads is the amount of time in testing that is spent. She says that it takes some time and initial investment in the first month. She uses this time to find out a few things that will be really important in moving the ad account forward. They need to qualify your product and make sure it is marketable. Then they play around with copy and title writing, making sure that people are responding to what the ads actually say. Lastly, they test different images and videos used in the ad. Once they figure out what works, you can scale it creating a higher conversion. Then increase your ads budget.

When dealing with Facebook Ads, Mia says that even though it can be difficult to understand, you just need a solid strategy, a good business foundation and website. Lastly, you should always be testing. Let me know in the comments if these surprising Facebook Ad considerations helped you out!

My personal recommendation is to outsource ad management if it is something you are seriously considering. Be sure to check TMG out on Instagram and at

Bonus! Mia was so sweet to create this free Facebook Ads checklist for you!

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