What I Learned About “Self Care” in 2018 and My Experience with TalkSpace App


I’m discussing how the TalkSpace App helped me cope through hard times in 2018. I truly hope that someone who needs to hear this, hears it today.

Can I be honest for a minute? Hope so because I’m going to be. I really debated whether or not to publish this episode. I recorded it. I sat on it. I thought about it. I decided not to post it. Then I had second thoughts. Then I spoke to a few people about it. Then I decided to edit it and see how I felt. Then I decided not to publish it. Then I spoke to the people again. Then I decided to publish it.

So. 2018 … not a great year, honestly. 7/10 would not repeat.

TalkSpace App

In this episode I’m discussing one of the tools I used to cope. I truly hope that someone who needs to hear this, hears it today and feels a little bit more confident or motivated to get help if they believe they could benefit from it.

You can find the TalkSpace App in the App store and on Facebook.

My Experience with the TalkSpace App

You will hear me talk about a dark time I experienced in 2018, albeit vague as I chose to spare you the nitty gritty details and my experience with digital therapy. Since that took up sufficient time, I did not extrapolate on what happened next in this episode. So, please know that I am feeling MUCH better these days. The dark time that was causing me a lot of turmoil has mostly ended and I am better equipped for dealing with myself.

It’s important to note that there were some significant highlights in 2018, including seeing my beloved Backstreet Boys in Vegas before they end their residency, being a bridesmaid in my beautiful friend Meagan’s wedding and moving to one of the most wonderful places I have ever lived. So don’t you worry about me. AS Taylor Swift would say, “I’m doing better than I ever was.”

And just so you know, this episode is completely not sponsored in any capacity. No one asked me to do this, no one paid me to do this. No one is getting a commission or points or credit from this. This is just a plain and simple recap of my good experience with a service.

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