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Today on the show we have the head chef at Content Bistro Prerna Malik talking about Email Marketing content. She is a certified Conversion Copywriter who writes email and launch copy for over 450 clients. What is a Conversion Copywriter? Someone who choses to use specific words, using research and data to attain a specific result.

What’s the point of email marketing?

This is something we are all wondering, as well as “What is the biggest reason for utilizing it?” Prerna says she lives and writes by the 3 E’s.

Engagement: Behind the scenes looks, something fun you want to share with your audience.

Educate: Including how-to content, also where you can share your creative processes, give them value.

Empower: You want them to buy from you, and buy with confidence. You make sure they can make educated decisions on what and how to purchase.

What about for those of us that feel we have nothing to say? How could I possibly write an email about, for example, a wallet? Prerna believes everyone has something to share, say if you took the time and effort to make that wallet there had to be a reason. What inspired you to create that specific product? Your customers want to know your WHY! Also, ask your customers why they love your product, and what inspired them to buy it? Share those reasons! What makes you different from other similar products? Email Marketing isn’t about solving the world’s problems, It’s about RELATABLE and AUTHENTIC content.

Do your research

Some of the things that Prerna starts with is the research and digging. Trying to figure out what works best for your audience. She looks at the editing and writing, but really focuses on optimization. Making sure to take what’s working well for you to its fullest potential, or even testing new strategies. She helps you identify your specific Email Marketing goals and attain them.

If someone feels they are absolutely terrible at writing, she says know your strengths and weaknesses. Outsource what would not be a good use of your time. If you are unable to outsource at the time, don’t let that hold you back from nurturing your list! Send out video/audio recordings. Try to talk to your audience as they are friends. You will make mistakes and you need to be ok with that! “Nobody is looking for perfection, they are looking for connection.”

Every email is an opportunity

If you become discouraged with your results, know that every email brings in data. You can collect information that tells you

  • What people are clicking on
  • Are long or short emails getting through
  • What subject lines are getting clicks

Make sure your brand is cohesive throughout your emails and your website to capture those people. Starting Email Marketing yourself allows you to identify exactly what you want, and gives you understanding on how things are done and what to expect.

Take action

Prerna’s biggest words of advice are to jump into your sales pitches sooner than you think. You don’t need to build a huge email relationship before presenting your offer or product. Also, don’t be afraid to send your offer more than once to new and existing customers. Don’t let your business fall off their radar. They want to hear from you, that’s why they signed up! Your business name showing up in their inbox makes an impact.

Before hiring a copywriter like Prerna, it’s preferable to have some sort of email list started. Have some idea of who your customers are, who your competition is, and what your email marketing goals are.

What your biggest takeaway should be here is don’t overcomplicate it. Start with one goal and one email. Speak to one person in that email (even though you are sending to your whole list). Create a schedule (weekly, biweekly) and stay consistent. Lastly, don’t forget the three E’s!

To connect with Prerna she is at
Facebook: Content Bistro
Instagram: @contentbistro

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