The First Blister of Self Employment


I am developing a blister on my left hand middle finger.


This is probably a result… okay, undoubtedly a result, of embroidering a ton.

I don’t even feel that “a ton” is an exaggeration. I have been embroidering for 3-4 hours a day, pushing pendants into place, and screwing hoops closed all day every day for… well, a year. But more intenesly since the end of August.

And if you are reading this as a complaint, you are reading it wrong.

I’m thrilled out of my socks to have a blister. I’m elated that my fingers hurt because so many people want what I am making and are happy to support my shop and my business.

It actaully hurts my finger a little be writing this, but I felt kinda like I had abandon my child over here so I needed to come and say something and also let you know I am still alive, although I’m sure probably no one is reading this anymore lol.

So just know, my blister and I are perfectly happy and content together. Of course, I will not miss the blister should he/she decide to move along. For now though, I will happily host him/her because he/she is a success blister, representative to me of the very successful year, and specifically, holiday season, I have been having.

So thank you! Thank you for this blister!

I appreciate you support this holiday season and I can’t wait to bring some new and exciting things to merriweather this coming spring! You know what comes before spring though? VALENTINE’S DAY! And gosh golly I am stoked for it!




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Oh, hi! Welcome to The Merriweather Council. I’m Danielle and I am a maker in business and mentor to other makers in business. I teach you how to turn your crafty tendencies into profits!

Oh, I’m also really into crafts, boy bands + iced coffee. Email me anytime to say hello or send cute Backstreet Boy videos or dog pictures .. or whatever! danielle (at) Thanks for stopping by.

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