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Have you ever played tiny golf? Some folks call it “mini golf”. Tiny teaches us a great lesson about sticking with your goals…

Whatever you call it, I’m sure you’ve been out there on the putting green, positioned JUST right, with your putter grazing the tips of the fake grass, knees soft (just a little bit of bounce, not too rigid), hands gripped around the fake leather wrap of the golf club – stacked one over the other… you’re all set to score that hole in one. Oh yeah, this time you’re gonna get it.

Deep breath … and … SWING. (Or, wait, is it more of a tap? I’m not very familiar with tiny golf… or large golf for that matter.)

And thus begins the journey round those 18 seemingly easy-to-beat obstacles … and I don’t know about you but those hole-in-ones basically never happen.

Hole in 11? Now we’re talking.

That’s exactly how business is for me – hole in 11 happens way more often than a hole-in-one. Hole-in-one is just as unheard of in my business as it is in my tiny golf game.

For you, too?

If so, I want you to know: it’s fine. (And trust me, I have to remind myself of this, too.)
Hole in 11 might not sound as glamorous as hole-in-one. It doesn’t sound cool or fancy. But it is the reality and the second part of that reality is the reward of sticking with it.

That’s exactly what this episode is all about: sticking with your goals and some of the things that really make a big difference is getting there faster! Not necessarily immediately, hole-in-one fast, but faster than going at it without these things.

I asked Jenn of JennD Handcrafted to be a guest on the show and to discuss this with me because she is a powerhouse business owner who is a great example of sticking with it. She told me how impactful some small things have been for her, I hope this will inspire you.

Jenn is a Council Member and an Etsy Training Course student and it’s been amazing watching her business grow over the past couple of years.

In this episode, Jenn discusses how her hot seat call inside of The Council was a turning point for her and how it helped her accelerate the message she had been struggling with for a while. Since then, she has been connecting with even more of her ideal customers in an even deeper way.

She sent me this email a few months after that call.

“Honestly I don’t even know where to begin… but I am going to try anyway because it is ALL so good!!


within the council I signed up to be on the hot seat… I am saying this for all the makers out there to make this point DO NOT QUIT MOVING FORWARD… it is MUST to keep doing the next right thing and number 1 to make sure you don’t quit… get the right BIZ besties and invest in a support system… because my business is my dream and I refuse to give up… your/our hot seat call changed me/my business forever!! And my biz is BOOMING right now… and for the record we chatted in February and it is now August so again it takes time and belief in what a maker is doing!! Things that are all coming together that are without a doubt making a difference…


I just couldn’t have done this without you!!! I am smashing some BIG goals that I have had for A LONG time this month because frankly i am stubborn, I kept listening to all your advice, and i knew my product had a place in this maker world… I can’t wait to see what comes next for JennD Handcrafted. Thank you, thank you & thank you for all that you do & showing up EVERY . DANG . DAY ! (For example I had my BEST month ever in July…and then in August I matched my entire July on the first day… honestly I am floored & excited & ready for more)


JennD Handcrafted

Sticking with your goals pays off. It’s not always a hole in one, “grand slam, over the fence, World Series kind” of business. Jenn’s email is PROOF that sticking with your goals is more important than hitting it out of the park every single day.

I truly hope that Jenn’s story inspires you to take or continue to take action in your business!

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