The Sadder Story of the Wishbone Embroideries


It’s been about a year and a half and my Wishbone Stitches are still in the awkward phase of life where people don’t “get” them. Basically they are small, round, angsty teenagers who are misunderstood and under appreciated.

They are often frustrated because people don’t see them as equals to similar works which are square or rectangular. And they sob ever so softly late at night.*

I know, it’s hard to believe because they are so colorful and fun on the outside, but inside they are hurting just a little bit.*

Because they are small, they get looked over – small fish, big pond, ya know? And they are constantly fighting for attention because there are so many other awesome things in the world.

They get complimented on their colors a lot, which they love (divas…) but they don’t asked to the dance very often if you know what I mean… (err, they don’t sell especially well)

Here’s what they want everyone to know about them:

1 – They are small, yes, but that is a plus! Good things come in small packages. You have to get close to them to see them.

2 – They are prepackaged bundles of joy. No frame needed, they are ready to be hung.

3 – They are all 100% unique, one of a kind and absolutely cannot be duplicated. Every single one is different. Each one is a once in a lifetime experience.

4 – Likewise, they are all originals. Can’t mass produce them, no sir, can’t do it.

5 – They fit pretty much anywhere. You don’t have to rearrange an entire wall or room to accommodate them. Empty spot? Perfect. Done.

6 – You can hang them with sticky squares – you don’t need to put a hole in the wall with a tack or pin. They are lightweight and so they will stay just fine. Of course, you could use a pin, tack or nail. But you don’t have to.

7 – They just want to be loved.

8 – They’ll never ask for anything.**


*Not really.


Looking for the happier story of the Wishbone Embroideries? Here you are, deary.


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