The Story of the Wishbone Stitch


Lots of people ask me about my wishbone stitches… what do they represent? Are they supposed to symbolic of something? When did I start doing them?

Well, friends, it’s a pretty simple story actually.

Way back in yonder year when I was in my very last semester of college I felt very unmotivated. I wasn’t doing my studio work like I should’ve been, I felt like all my ideas were good enough but not great and I just didn’t feel into it right away. I was ready to graduate, okay? There I said it, I didn’t want to be in school anymore.

But I still had to – you know, finish, so that I could graduate. Finally, about 4 weeks into the semester, I said to myself, “Self, if you aren’t going to do your work, you better at least be doing something.” And so I sat down and literally forced myself to do something creative…

I just grabbed a bunch of embroidery stuff and sat down and started. And this is what happened:

My very first wishbone stitch embroidery.
At the time, it was just some thing I made that I really liked. I loved the colors and the way it felt. I brought it to school and everyone had a different take on what the stitches looked like. Mallory said they looked like wishbones and I loved that too much to not go with it.
I became obsessed with doing this stitch.  And I got my creative energy back and started to work on my actual school work again, slowly, but very surely, it all got done.
So, friends, that’s it. The wishbone stitch was created and formed a bridge from Lame-Train City, to Ain’t-Nothin-Gunna-Make-Me-Put-This-Hoop-Down Island. And when I wasn’t wishbone stitching on anything that would stand still long enough, I was sleeping, eating or doing school work.
That first embroidery actually paid for part of my trip to Texas for Alternative Spring Break last year. How fab is that?
The Wishbone stitches to come after were little explorations in color, based on memories, travels, and whatever happened to pop into my head at the time. They are abstractions, objects to provoke nostalgia, and the warm and fuzzies. They are sort of like poems; simple but meaningful.
I hope that when you look at them you can see something specific to you, and make it your own. That’s what makes them special – besides the fact that no two can ever be the same – no two people will have the same reaction to them, everyone will have their own interpretation.


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