The Truth About Must-Dos – Episode 137



Raise your hand if you always feel overwhelmed by all the things you are told you have to do to succeed in your business.

I will imagine everyone is raising their hand right now.

Overwhelm is everywhere.

Things ‘to do’ pop up everywhere – TikTok lists, IGTVs, Pinterest pins, posts in Facebook groups… everywhere you go that entrepreneurs hang out, you will hear and see people talking about things you absolutely MUST DO to be successful.

It’s impossible to avoid seeing them, and it’s tough not to let these things take hold and rule your time if you aren’t in a place to know how to react to them. Most people see something like that and just bookmark, save for later or start implementing or trying to immediately.

Being an entrepreneur can be very overwhelming, and we are inundated with information.
and marketing advice
And tips and tricks
And hacks
and tasks
The buttons we must push, the content we must create, the places we must show up.

The good news, for those of you who feel overwhelmed by this and value my opinion in any capacity: I don’t think you MUST DO most of these things.

There are not, in my opinion, a lot of MUST-DO things that apply to everyone.

If you’ve followed me for any period, you know that we like to bring a breath of fresh air to things. We see a lot of perseverating about certain concepts and tasks that we know you DO NOT need to do. We know a lot of attention is given to things that do not deserve as much attention as they get.

We also know that things ‘to DO’ get a ton of coverage and things to HAVE and BE – more important stuff ultimately – DO NOT get nearly as much coverage. Those things deserve more coverage, so we are going to cover them here today. After we talk about the things you do not need to do, we will talk a little bit about the importance of things you must HAVE and BE to see success.

Here are some things we KNOW you do not need to do or have or be to see success in your business:

You do NOT need to post to social media every single day.

You do NOT need to create viral content or have content go viral.

You do NOT need to cultivate a big following.

You do NOT need to spend a lot of money, or ANY cash on ads.

You do NOT need to create a million products or designs.

If you sell products online, you DO NOT need to offer free shipping all the time no matter what, or ever. Yes, even if you sell on Etsy.

Finally, I think everyone knows this, but it bears repeating. You do NOT need to be completely fearless. Fearless implies fear is absent, which is wildly unattainable for most of us. What you do need, and that I know you already have courage. If you’ve gotten far enough into entrepreneurship or considering it to be listening to this podcast, you have courage. There’s always room to become more courageous. But you do not need to be fearless- you should know that is unlikely ever to happen. You do not hit some specific milestone and magically become fearless either. We all have some fear in some ways, forever. WE can continue to grow in courage, though.

Those are things we know you don’t need. Most of those involve DOING – spending money, creating content, gaining followers… and when it comes to business, there is not a set of “do these things” that is a must-do for everyone. What you should be or must be doing depends entirely on your business, goals, and lifestyle.

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There are, however, 4 ASSETS we think ALL handmade business owners do need to have if they want to be more productive and build a business that thrives on their terms without time guilt, overwhelm, or time management struggles. I think pretty much everyone wants that. If that sounds like you and you want to have a more productive business that doesn’t overwhelm you, you’ll want to watch our free video series

What’s the difference between must do and must have assets?

“Must-do” dictates action and frames that action as something you cannot be successful without doing.

Must HAVES and MUST BE assets are things you cultivate within yourself and your immediate surrounding to create an environment for success – so that you can IDENTIFY your unique must-dos, and they will make sense.

For example, one of the must-have assets is a clear message. What you DO with that message will depend on who you are and your business and your goals, but you have to HAVE it. And you have to BE aware enough to know what to do with it. See how much more leverage that gives you than “you have to post to Instagram 5 times a week”?

These assets for BE and HAVE will precede the must-dos and make the must DOs. This is another way to be proactive in your business, which as you know, we are very much about.

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