Top 5 Merriweather Council Podcast Episodes of 2020



 There were two seasons of The Merriweather Council podcast released in 2020, a total of 34 episodes!

Of those, these are the top 5 Merriweather Council Podcast episodes of 2020 that we wanted to relive and recap!

4 things you should never do when pricing your handmade product.

Pricing is a topic that tends to really resonate with our audience! I’m so glad that this episode reached so many people this year. I truly hope that the handmade community at large will get more comfortable charging appropriately and ditching discounts in 2021. Listen to the episode here. You should also check out this other perpetually popular episode about pricing: You’re Pricing Too Low and the Rest of us are Mad at You.

Super boring, overused or useless things in email marketing.

I love when an episode that goes against the grain gets as much attention as this one did. I was surprised to see this one ranking this year because I didn’t hear a lot of feedback about it but the numbers don’t lie! Interesting, indeed. Perhaps there is an undercurrent of renewed interest in email marketing? We love to see it. Curiosity in this area would benefit so many! We love to train on and discuss email marketing with Council Members and we know it’s not going anywhere, so I’m happy to see this episode got traction. Listen to it here.

Your productivity issues addressed

A personal favorite from this year! I was happy to see it got a lot of listens from our audience. If you are someone who struggles ‘doing a lot and getting nowhere’ you must listen to this episode. You might think you have a productivity problem, but really you probably don’t. Listen and I’ll explain everything. Thank you to those who have heard this one already! I was excited to see it getting great traction.

Business, goals and longevity in the time of Covid-19

This episode unofficially kicked off season 6 of the podcast early in 2020. Not surprisingly, right around the time the pandemic was heating ups stateside. I hope this episode provided some hope and reassurance at the time, when people were feeling very uneasy and disrupted by the fast paced changes that were taking place in life. My greater hope is that it remains a source of inspiration and hope for business owners as we navigate the post-covid world and inevitably, other challenges. Listen here.

The ACTUAL key to accomplishing your goals

Few things get me as fired up as talking business strategy. That’s why this episode ranking anywhere near to top for the year is so thrilling for me: it’s basically all about business strategy. The fact so many listened to it tells me there are still more people I can chat with! There is no one liner summary for this one, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. If you have struggled to make progress or constantly feel overwhelmed with tasks, this one’s for you! 

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