Top 5 merriweather council Podcast Episodes of 2017


top 5 podcast episodes

Top 5 merriweather council Podcast Episodes

In 2017 merriweather council experienced a lot of craziness! In between moving twice, house hunting, buying a house and other personal projects we managed to produce the second season of the podcast AND a mini series we called season 2.5!

I love making the podcast and it seems you all really enjoy listening to it and learning from it as well. Some episodes though seem to stand out as favorites – episodes where the download count exceeds in popularity by a long shot. It’s always interesting to see which episodes get this sort of special attention and take off – plus I gain some insight from that as well!

In honor of the end of the year I wanted to recap the top 5 episodes of 2017 with you and encourage you to check them out if you haven’t – and check out the rest of the episodes as well!

The Top 5

  1. You’re Pricing Too Low (and The Rest Of Us Are Mad at You). Not surprising to me at all was the fact that everyone on the planet was listening to this episode (okay not everyone on the planet but a ton of you!). This was also the most shared episode as far as we can tell. That means two things to me: we all agree that under pricing sucks and is bad for the entire community and also, you know someone / people who need to raise their prices and you shared this in hopes they’d see it OR you knew others would agree and you wanted to show solidarity. Awesome, thanks for pricing correctly and for sharing and listening!
  2. A Very SCARY Thing That Could Happen to your Small Biz (+ how to get resilient). On Halloween I released this bonus episode about giving too much power to a free platform and forgetting to diversify in your marketing. Oh yes I said it : Instagram is fun and cool but you have 0 control over it and therefore it would be a very scary situation for you as a business owner to invest all your effort or most of your effort into promoting your business on Instagram but then come to find it stops working the way you want it to overtime. Worse- you wasted the opportunity from when it did work well to grow other channels that you do have more control over. Do not miss listening to this episode.
  3. True Life I was Flagged for Infringement on Etsy / True Life I Got Sued for Infringement on Etsy (a seller’s story). This is not a fun or happy topic at all but it’s an important one! I spoke with three makers over the course of these two episodes about their experiences either being flagged for infringement on Etsy or being sued for infringement! Both suck, but being sued obviously sucks more. Flagging comes first though! If you listen to this episode you will hear us chatting about what happened, how it happened, how it could have been avoided, common misconceptions and more that would be useful to any business! Even if you think you’re safe give it a listen you might be surprised by some of these stories.
  4. The Six Most Expensive Words in Business. This simple episode was really powerful! I am just going to direct you over there to give it a listen. Remember it’s important to evolve and keep things fresh for you and your customers!
  5. Why You Should Drop Your Return Customer Coupon (aka stop discounting second orders, too). On season one I spoke about not offering a coupon code for an opt in to a newsletter. In season two I went one step further and suggested ditching your discount – you know the automatic one that triggers upon purchase and provides a discount code for the next order? Yeah that one. It’s got to go! And in this episode I explain my thought process on why!

You can hear all the episodes of season 2, 2.5 and season 1 on iTunes, Stitched or your favorite podcast player. If you enjoy the podcast I would love for you to leave a rating and review! It helps the podcast reach more people and get this good info to more makers. That’s great news for you because when we all do better individually the community can flourish!



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