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Someday far far in the future, a new civilization will be established and they will find artifacts from our time and they will Instagram them.

You thought I was going to say they would find remnants of our obsession with Instagram, didn’t you? Well, they will probably do that, too. But Instagram might have the staying power to outlive us. Maybe.

Either way, it’s still a pretty great tool to use for your business that is free and fun!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Instagram resources + my own posts on the topic for you in case you are looking to rekindle the flame.


Wham Bam Instagram – learn why and how to use instagram in the best way possible. Includes growth strategy trainings as well as content creation tips and instruction!


Check out my Pinterest board for lots of resources on taking better photos

And this board specifically for iPhonography tips

iPhone tripod adaptor – a must have! Easily set your phone to take photos of you in your studio – people love to see behind the scenes. Also helpful for making videos.

iPhone overhead tripod/ desk stand – great for taking overhead tutorial or other video or for small flat lay photos. Especially if you like to post videos of your hands in making-motion, this is a must have.


VSCO – The standard bearer for photo editing on the go. Available in the App Store

+ this IG account features filter experiments and combinations.

A Color Story – My go to app. I love that this app offers a ton of filters (in app purchase) but also has a curves feature! It’s especially important to maintain the integrity of your colors when posting photos of your pieces for sale, so I find the curves feature is great for that. Available in the App Store.

Party Party – For making gifs and stop motion animations. I love to make little animations of front of hoop/ back of hoop. Available in the App Store.

Giant Square – For taking a large picture and cutting into pieces for interesting IG arrangements. Makes a statement for sure! Available in the App Store.

Hyperlapse – For making fast moving video! Available in the App Store.

PicFlow – For adding music to photos. Available in the App Store.

Aviary – Another app with filters, but also stickers and overlays and other editing features.

Flipagram – For making little slideshow type posts. Available in the App Store.

Instasize – for cropping, collaging or adding white borders to turn a rectangle into a square, or float an image over a white background.

Phonto – For adding shapes or text to photos. Also has filters. Available in the App store.


Plann – A visual planner that allows you to drag and drop your photos to arrange your instagram feed and preview it all before you post. Also allows you to schedule posts and be reminded when it’s time to publish them.

Schedugram – This is a paid service that will publish your predetermined content to Instagram for you. Jury is still out on whether this is IG legal or not. Terms are a little vague on both sides so take a look for yourself and decide what you think.

Trello – I use Trello to store my IG images and other content so that it is easily accessible on the go.


Hashtags are a great way to grow your reach on Instagram. Click here to download a free list of hashtags for sharing creative work on Instagram here.

Reuse your IG posts by Pinning them from desktop or mobile.

Don’t forget, Instagram is sort of it’s own search engine, so get found!

More info about growing your Instagram can be found on my Pinterest board.


Being social on social media is a must!

My favorite accounts to follow part 2

My favorite accounts to follow part 1

By the way are you following me? Let’s connect. I’m @merriweatherc


InsTrack – Allows you to track certain metrics such as who is not following you back, and who has unfollowed you. I have used it on and off and find it is mostly accurate with the occasional exceptions. Available in the App Store.

Iconosquare – A low cost way to track analytics such as what times of day your audience is on Instagram.


That was a lot! I’ll let you get cracking.

If you have a favorite Instagram app, hack or tip please feel free to share it in the comments!

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