Episode 054: Using National Holidays to Market Your Small Business

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Tapping into random holidays for more exposure on social media | The Merriweather Council Blog

Whacky holidays to celebrate on social media

Unless you live under a very large boulder, you have most likely noticed over the past few years there has been a surge in the popularity of whacky holidays.

Both domestic and international holidays seem to be taking place every single day. Of course, some are more popular than others. It’s no surprise these popular ones tend to be the ones with social media mass appeal. And that’s what we are chatting about in today’s episode!

When you’re able to “hitch your buggy” to a trending story, that’s a great opportunity. Looking ahead in the season: we will be chatting more about pop culture business tie-ins, as well.

But for now, let’s consider that it’s very hard, if not impossible most of the time, to plan what’s going to be trending day to day on Facebook or Instagram. These trending stories tend to change with the news and current events. However, just like with major holidays – which we know are coming and can plan for – these minor, quirky holidays are set in advance as well.

using national holidays to market your small business

Aligning your content with trends can be effective in getting your stuff out there amongst the trending hashtags people are already browsing. You are basically showing up where we KNOW people are looking. Bonus: many times this leads to features on places like Buzzfeed, an entity that puts out loads of content per day, much of which is crowdsourced.

In this episode I’m chatting all about tapping into these holidays for social exposure. I’m also sharing a source I use for keeping track of upcoming holidays that might relate to my business. Share this episode with a friend who is always wondering “what to post on Instagram.” *wink*


Today’s episode was sponsored by Wholesale For Creatives!

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