Wedding Wrap Up Part One

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On 9.28.13 I married my best friend in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on Shelter Island. It was a fabulous day – the weather was perfect, the setting was idyllic and we had a freaking awesome time.

Not to brag or anything but a select group of people told me it was the best wedding they had ever been to and some of these people have been to quite a few weddings… yes, I realize maybe that is just a thing people say but it was nice to hear nonetheless.

As many of you know, our wedding included many handmade details! Of course I did a lot  of wedding making but I also did a lot of shopping handmade for this wondrous occasion.

The first handmade bit I’d like to share that I haven’t yet is our custom cake topper.

My husband and I first met in a college class but we did not really get to speaking with each other until a school trip to a lovely little place called the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. This is a summer school on Deer Isle in Maine and it is an extremely beautiful camp-like place on the water. You can see some photos of it here.

My idea for the cake topper was to have it look like one of the iconic cabins at Haystack since this is the location where we really first met/ connected.

I contacted Dan and Mer of 2of2 and they were amazing in helping and ultimately creating this custom cake topper.


Unfortunately, our venue was unable to make the cake base larger than the cake topper for some reason but whatever it’s still great looking! I love this piece and we can keep it forever as a display and memory of our wedding.

Nextly, I would like to discuss our furchild Valentine’s attire for the wedding. While I hemmed and hawed over what she should wear (no, seriously, I think I had a harder time picking her outfit than my wedding dress and yes I realize that is ridiculous) I settled on something pretty simple. Originally I was thinking she should wear a dress because that kind of thing is precious but ultimately, I went with a decorative floral collar from LA Dog Store. It was PERFECT. She stole the show…. no, really, she really did! LOOK AT THIS FACE!


She was escorted down the isle by my Bridesguy, Pat Falco. Don’t they look just perfect?


And to wrap up part one of this overview, I will discuss the gorgeous hair piece I purchased from deLoop. This piece is even prettier in person and was the perfect amount of sparkle – not too much, not over the top – and had a pearlescent white stone as well. So lovely and deLoop shop owner, Theresa, was a gem to work with!!


In my next post I will discuss the things I made!!


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  1. I’m so happy for you, Danielle! Love all the handmade touches. And you look stunning!

  2. So glad you had a perfect day! That cake topper is perfect. Totally dig that idea, and love that you can use it as an awesome display piece!

  3. LOVE your dress!

  4. I love the cake topper! It’s so unique and special to you guys. I love the intimate details of your wedding. I can’t wait to see more!

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