We’re Moving – Again…


Now that the studio move is completed, save for a teensie tiny pile of junk that still needs to be dealt with, I am ready to tell you about the next big thing happening here in Merriweatherland.

We are moving, yes, that’s right…. we are moving again… this time to WordPress.

It has been nagging me a ton – like, I’ve been having dreams about it – it’s bad. I need to get it out of head and into reality. Blogger has been wonderful, and this page will still stay active, but once everything is set this domain – merriweathercouncilblog.com – will direct to my WordPress powered blog instead. No need to change your bookmarks or anything but I will ask you to redirect/resubscribe your RSS.

Don’t worry, it’ll be a quick and easy adjustment for you! I promise! I won’t leave anyone who wants to come along behind.

I am doing this because I am looking to spread my digital wings a little. I want to have a little more flexibility with design, a little more reliability and a tad more security as well. Not to mention the fact that it is genuinely a growing trend to regard WP powered blogs as more *professional.* Let me be clear though – there are a handful of “blogger blogs” that I visit frequently and love reading – there are also times when I stumble across one that is so well designed I can hardly even tell it’s a “blogger blog.” What I am meaning to say is – I don’t have any bias for or against any blogging platform – if you’ve got what I like, I like it.

Now that I know what I like to do on my blog, and what it does for me and all that jazz – I think it is time to make the leap.

Everything will be just as it always has been for a little while while I snazz up the new houseblog but I just wanted to give everyone the heads up to keep an eye out for any posts about the big transfer to our new digs.

Thanks so much for keeping up with me and for having an interest in what Merriweather Council is, does and wants to do! It really means a lot to me that people take time out of their lives to read my posts and comment on my thoughts.

Which leads me to my next and possibly biggest reason for switching –

I want it to be easier for people to come to my blog and communicate and leave their thoughts and see my responses easier. That will happen with WordPress.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this – I am excited to try some new things and add some new features and pages and I hope that you will join me for a houseblog warming party once I move.

So happy that people out there enjoy reading my blog and find some of what I say to be helpful or inspiring. That really means a lot.

Thanks again!

xo peace and love bunnies and puppies,


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